Characterizer (Adobe Character Animator Tutorial)

Characterizer is a feature in Adobe Character Animator CC that turns your face into a stylized animated character in a few minutes. This tutorial walks through the capture process, applying and customizing an art style, generating your characters into Character Animator, and how to add your own custom styles. Characterizer is the best way to quickly get up and running with a unique animated puppet – try it out!

Download Character Animator:
Download free example projects and puppets: (official adobe pack) and (okay samurai puppet pack)
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Diane S says:

Your original capture has your eye are brighter but all of the renders, gives your eyes a weird low contrast darkness. Is that related to the style you chose or is it a flaw in the characterizer?

Scott Anderson says:

can i take someone else’s face and then animate by recording my own face?

Stefan Sturm says:

Wohow – awesome feature. We never have to rotoscope again. ;). Thank you Adobe and thx Dave.

GWR Dirky Dirk says:

Well this looks really fun! Wouldn’t mind trying to add some new textures

Grace And Panic says:

Does anybody know where to purchase Adobe Character Animator? The icon isn’t on the adobe website.

Tara Gray says:

OMG my kids are going to LOVE making their first puppets this way!

Nouran Sameh says:

Hi…I have Adobe package, but unable to install Character Animator CC 2.0…My Laptop is Windows 10, 64 Bits…And the latest version I can install via Creative Cloud is only 1.5. Could you please advise on how I can get this version??……..Thanks

Tyler Swartz says:

Absolutely amazing. Any tips on how to make the lip movements a little more smooth?

Grace And Panic says:

Can you provide a tutorial on body movements?

EricTGK says:

This reminds me of Angela anaconda

Rich Cervantes says:

I was skeptical about this for a while, but now I’m on board! This program is getting very interesting.

ShimmerStockton says:

Dave the more than Okay Samurai is just blowing my mind. How far Character Animator has come within the year is insane. Thank you.

Aeon Development Group says:

Oooh! This is cool. I don’t see the feature in my version – is it rolled out for everyone yet?

Susan Pratt says:

That is really awesome, I enjoyed seeing a character of you talking too. These are really neat. I haven’t really gotten to Character Animator yet. I was just thinking, some Halloween characters would be really cool.

Júlio Porto says:

Obrigado, vindo do Brasil! Thanks, from Brazil!

Noetic333 says:

Black eyes kids creepy. Lol. No you can’t come in!

Tithi Wakhariya says:

wow..this is an amazing feature!

Steve Weakley says:

Excellent Elegantly explained . Thank you

HonestlyJustJo says:

Whoa! So cool!!!


Awesome! Been wanting to learn how to use this since last year. This new update makes it easier. Thanks!!!

Ntorial says:

I thought it will be got hype. All creator will use it

SmartHacks says:

Great tutorial. I love the new format of the channel with highlights as a separate video. One question about Characterizer, why is it necessary to capture our face at all if we’re just going to apply a new style over it? Perhaps if there were a default FACECAP already in the captures directory, kind of like the face from FACE CAP iOS app, we could skip training the software altogether. Where can we go to provide such feedback to the dev team?

Deep Dish Video says:

How do I do this with my own illustrations from adobe draw?

WJRI-News says:

This is so awesome. Thanks

Dave Read says:

What are the legalities of using another artists work as a style? Surely there are copyright issues if people are able to just import an artists work and rip off their style?

Dominic Davis says:

Inspired!!!! Plus a massive time saver compared to before

Sally Bowles says:

if only I managed to understand the interface, so many things to do with this…

Halo Stars says:

Does this not work at all for Blacks? It’s not capturing the face at all

Beni Nightmile says:

Please ad that kind of stylisation to Photoshop as filters <3

AniMoo - Art and Motion Pictures says:

Is there any way to create an animated character from a still image? (I mean front view, side view etc)

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