How to Quickly Add Rigged Characters into Blender using Adobe Fuse

CHECK the Update video for Bone orientation fix and other tips:

Hello friends, welcome to this new tutorial from the Heroes of Bronze series. This time I will show you how to use Adobe Fuse to quickly create and edit semi-detailed CG characters, rig and animate them in Mixamo and then export into Blender, where we apply textures, adjust poses and weights and render them.

This tutorial is especially useful if you know little about animation, but want to fill your 3D scenes with animated characters.

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The music is “The Spirit of Laconia” by Tomas Zemler,

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Rombout Versluijs says:

New tool…. hmm August 2014 😉 This thing is sweet indeed, i only need to learn how to better weightpaint so they deform nicer. Great tut anyways!!!

Amran Sidek says:

where is the quickly add rig to fuse character?

rictus grin says:

Give this addon a go – it’s amazingly complex . . .

Blender Ratt says:

Thx for the tutorial. I’m curious though. You say you’ve researched other pipeline options for Blender & character creation so I have to ask have you tried the latest version of Manuel Bastioni labs? It’s not only phenomenal & intergrated into Blender as a add-on but it’s totally free. The draw back in comparison to fuse I guess is you will need to either make your own clothing or download some off Blendswap or some other 3d asset library.

Justin Gooligan says:

great tip thanks. working with daz and blender — and sometimes the daz rigging is to complex for some simple stuff. I can se the pontantial in the Fuse.

KingTai 64 says:

I’m so confused did you have a present shader already made???? I cannot follow you after you mention principle B SDF for all your meshes. Where did you go???????

orionteck says:

Hi! Thank you for the tutorial. I have a question. Did you know to tell me about for this models to use? It’s free and I can work for my proyects? or I should be to pay for use on any 3D proyect? Any copyright agreements? Thanks!

Rombout Versluijs says:

Okay i added the extra image list addon on my github with some alteration to the original. You can find it here,
Its really useful and much easier finding textures this way

Oskar Bravo says:

Great tutorial, I’ve been wondering what you can actually do with Adobe Fuse characters for a while… My only criticism of Fuse is the clothing/accessories are a bit limited, I thought by now Adobe would have packed it out with a ton of new options.

Martin Klekner says:

0:50 Adobe Fuse Introduction
7:15 Rig and Animation in Mixamo
9:25 Plugging in textures in Blender
13:25 Lighting the Character
14:38 Setting up the Render
16:34 Blendshapes and Posing
18:26 Applying different animations
20:10 Changing bone weights
21:55 Spartan Warriour Course preview

Sundayarvo Productions says:

This is such a great tutorial Martin , thanks for your effort !

kehvoi thompson says:

Best video out there.

Visual Blender says:

very nice! Now I following you and like this. Keep going.

Sean Murray says:

Thanks for the tutorial. You can correct the armature bone size and direction with the ‘Armature Options’ when importing the Collada file.

Rombout Versluijs says:

PS i tried this once or twice with animation, but i got really weird results. They armature axis are complete wrong and the shoulder were looking weird. Do you have a solution for that
PS this is a custom model imported though, perhaps thats the issue

BlacksheepPictures says:

OMG THANKS! i wasted months of learning how to rig and now it is so easy and i can concentrate on animation! YES

Hasan Hüseyin Dinçer says:

Thanks. Very nice.

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