How to Use Adobe Fuse Characters in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial we cover how to create a character in Adobe Fuse, rig it using Mixamo Auto-Rigger, import it into Cinema 4D, clean up the textures, and how to pose the character.

Updated Version of this tutorial here:

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BB59 says:

nice tuto! thanks

codyice says:

Dude….. Off of your recommendation, I decided to get back into cinema 4D (it was my favorite hobby as a teen). So I YouTube tutorials, see this one and thought it was a fun spot to start, and your face shows up…. Had no idea you had a second account

Dan Patmore says:

In C4D my characters revert the the T pose as soon as I move them. Is there a method to freeze/lock the pose?
I haven’t done character animation before, just want them in a still scene for scale.

Rex Art says:

I have one serious question, you know how there is all the adobe programs such as After Effects, Photoshop and all the other ones. Do you have to learn all of them to work in some industry?

Xonas says:

I know this vid is old, but it’s good! Got a new subscriber!

rafael lewis says:

12:45 – You can select them all and just check off transparency once. Thanks for the video!

Anil L says:

Excellent !! Nice Tutorial. Thank you, Sir.

Joel says:

Everytime i select a part like the “body”, the selected part jumps out from the rest from the model.
Also, for whatever reason the hair simulation doesnt show up for me, eventhough the fur simulation does on the same character.
Seems like these two issues might be related?

kiran coolstar says:

its not fair.. plugin costs so much :/ your a rich kid you can buy and use it what about middle class families .. 🙁

ItsMe says:

To fix the transparency maps you need to select each material, Then click “Transparency” instead off “Basic”. Then scroll down under the Transparency tab and you will see “Mix Mode” Set each one to “Mulitply” because it is set to “normal” by default. This will also give you eyelashes.

dr91262 says:

I like it… keep talking!

Tranquil says:

Great tutorial! This may be a stupid question, I’m new to fuse, but are there any plugins or something for younger looking characters? Because I’m doing an animation with a kid, but noticed that fuse doesn’t have a model like that. Thanks!

Vytas Rauckis says:

For eyelashes, the opacity map needs to be modified by adding black to everything outside of the black rectangle of the eyelash region. Then import the new opacity map into the Alpha channel of a new material that also uses the color that you want the lashes to be in the color channel. Apply this new material to the eyelashes (which are separate from the body). Done!

Michal Štein says:

Adobe Fuse is FREE at Steam Apps.

DJ MemeWorks says:

Just found your channel, this is brilliant. Very easy to navigate and you have a great personality and voice for tutorials.

Looking forward to more content like this, thanks again!

James Sénade says:

can you give us your Tea Brand 🙂

R2N TUBER says:

How can o download adobe fuse. And get some free plug in for cd4. Please kindly share all beloved:)

RealGames says:

Is it necessary to buy the CC or is it possible to use the mixamo feature with an registered Adobe account without buying any program? 🙂

TheRathos says:

So how would you animate characters in C4D without doing it the way you do it at 19:12?

Vanessa Vandy says:

Would you be able to show your keyboard shortcuts in the corner of the video when you use them? Maybe there is a software that can record this?

An observer says:

Yes it was there before. DAZ studio, which was acquired by Adobe recently.

Jan Scott says:

When I save the character and then merge it into a new document I get an ivory black figure. The materials are all screwed up. Anyone else having this problem?

Mythic Visuals says:

mixamo and fuse are godsends. thanks for the rundown!

Amos Atwell says:

Hey man, thanks for the great tuts, quetion for you please. Mixamo has a few short aniimations for free that can be used in c4d, but they are pretty short, do you have any experience using those and do you know how to lengthen them please?

Declic Média says:

it s my fisrt time to dicover adobe fuse. i be happy to learn it from you

Julianne Garcia says:

i want a video how to prepare ur character in cinema for mixamo, because ive been trying and it doesnt work

Senpay666 says:

thank you , awesome video <3

Classed says:

Does this work with C4D lite?

Max Dostert says:

And i love your videos<3

Sebastián Corral Méndez says:

square inverse law doesn’t aply to soft lights

bornagainst666 says:

If you say »it´s free with adobe cloud« one more time… aaaahhhhhh

ingie01 says:

Need some help with ego me thinks

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