Modo with Ellery | Episode 28: Adobe Fuse to Modo

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Material creation episode mentioned in the video:

In this episode we will be looking at how to take characters created in Adobe Fuse and bring them into Modo with proper material and texture setups. We will look at how to set up the individual parts of teh character in order to get good render quality and make the most out of a quick and easy character design. These characters are fully rigged and can offer either a great jumping off point for adding more detail or as a good simple character that is ready to animate. In the next episode we will look more at how to improve these characters for use in your scenes.


101darkeyes101 says:

Perfect timing! I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to get fuse characters to work. I’m interested in modeling forms around a character in a t-pose position and having those forms adhere to the mesh throughout the fbx animation. Does the uv Constraint work for this kind of thing? ( as in the following: ). I remember fiddling with it in early 10.0 and not getting anywhere. I would love to see any techniques that would allow us to model on top of these characters as a base. Thank you! Pixelfondue is my goto for modo education!

pfifo fast says:

why is your volume so low? get a micrphone dude

Evelin Radoslavov says:

Amazing tutorial Thank you so much!!

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