New Features – April 2017 (Adobe Character Animator CC Beta)

Take a tour through some of the best new features added in the latest release of Adobe Character Animator CC Beta. The new Walk behavior makes it quick and easy to get your characters walking, running, sneaking, and more. Rig, record, and stream workspaces allow for an optimized user interface for each part of the workflow. Viseme editing lets you trim, delete, swap, and split individual mouth shapes for precise frame-by-frame lip sync. Mercury Transmit opens up new livestream possibilities with support for external displays and NewTek’s NDI plugin. And other features include blending mode support, rotation and amplitude option for the nutcracker jaw, new puppet panel tag visualizations, and much more.

0:00 Intro
1:58 Walk Behavior
13:00 Workspaces
19:35 Viseme Editing
25:10 Mercury Transmit Streaming
29:31 Other Highlights
32:35 Outro

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Download free example projects and puppets: (official adobe pack) and (okay samurai puppet pack)
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Ben Phelps says:

Brilliant! Walk behavior is going to be gamechanger. Keep up the fantastic work, Dave and Co!!

James Griggs says:

IN your intro you mentioned Walk Behavior in different views other than side, did I miss it?

BaronBrownB says:

This app looks overcomplicated.
I will give it a shot, but there are hell of a lot of things could be changed.

Aaron Sugar says:

On the walk behavior, set the body speed to -45% to have your puppet do the moonwalk.

zerosonico says:

This is huge.

Christopher Moonlight says:

How well does this interact with After Effects? If I want to match motion reference for action, is “onion skinning” available?

Papo says:

How can this be applied to Lego’s? More importantly Brick Films. I would like to know how to make my legos move as well as movement with the mouth.

JalanTikus says:

Nice Video

Lauren Rantala says:

Very helpful! Thank you for taking the time to explain this!

TreeFiddy says:

It doesnt seem like this product is meant for character animators in the game industry – but instead film, right? Or am i missing something?


i need a link to download the cc beta

Papo says:

Question the Live Broadcast part has me thinking. If I just want to create a film let say, not a Live Broadcast. If I set up an External Web Cam, have it point to a background let say the balcony, can I record my puppet talking with a background that is Live? (i.e: people walking or cars driving by)? Also, is it possible to resize the puppet or character to make it small or bigger.

VladthePainter says:

Could you help?? 1.) My character is stuck – once I placed just the handle tools at all spots – I go to STREAM to check and see a walk cycle – but my character (MC) just keeps bouncing up and down and not walking. I tried moving sliders in the Walk tags but nothing. 2.) Also… When I do go to STREAM, my MC is much larger – out of the screen – How do I resize her to fit? The scale tool at the bottom L, if that’s what it’s for, does nothing. As well, 3.) When I do use CNTRL-W to go back to my workspace, it leaves me where I’m at and doesn’t take me back unless I click onto MC in layers. Would really appreciate some help… Many many thanks in advance!

Oleg Dremov says:

Hello Ok Samurai. Thank you once again for you great job. I have one issue. The solution has to be smthng obvious but I cannot figure it out. I have a character standing with arms down. When I want to wave his hand and say Hi the wrist/hand has to flip horizontally when the arm is up. But it is not changing automatically. Changing atttach style for arm doesn’t change it either.
Maybe the solution doesn’t exist still in the last version of the program?
Can you advice me what to do?
Thanks a lot for help.

Adam Tech & stuff says:

Okay samurai – when do you think we will be able to import 3D characters and animate it?

roschler says:

Would Adobe consider adding special support for the Intel RealSense camera set (F200, R200, SR300)? I would think the depth sensor features of those cameras would make the facial tracking even better with this amazing product of yours. Great video, thanks! Subscribed with notifications.

ReX MEDIA says:

Cool Product; Thanks for this

1SG Little Top says:

can not seem to get my arms to swing….. everything else is falling in line.

Julianne Garcia says:

i want this for 3D <3

Raymond Johansen says:

Hi. Thank you for your great videos. I was wondering if there is a manual on how to rig a character for running? I have followed your video, but I still have some problems. My character will not walk. He just jumps up and down. I have tried again and again many times. It seems like that I have followed along as in your video. So if Adobe had some pdf or a page with a manual, that would be very helpful. >>>>>> I managed to make my character walk. It had to do with the view settings. It took me 5-6 hours of mental pain:) My problem with the character animation now is distortion. The areas around the joints on the torso gets a distortion that misfires the Torso. Looks like a puppet tool mesh that gets distorted.  Anybody know a work around this?

Fahad Khan says:

Okay Samurai
Which microphone you are using for your videos?

skyhawk77 says:

Waiting for the Non-Subscription version…you know…the one you actually buy and own for an unlimited time.

Marie lena says:

Good Job! I been following all videos you did and you are really good on what you do! Can you help me to found what software do this type of characters on this video below ?

JBW Productions says:

@Okey Samurai I got a question: If i put a walk behavior on my character then i have to remove the pins on the legs right?
But when my character stops walking the whole body moves (cam tracking) because it is no longer pinned on the ground… What am i doing wrong? Thnks for all your great tutorials!!!

Finn Else-McCormick says:


George Kenner says:

I am just not getting this…all I want to do is get the arm on Walkbot to extend out behind him as he walks so he can bring a lower thirds on to a over lapping video…. The time line how to do that is just eluding me. This is as clear as mudd.

Bob Rissetto says:

As an animator using Animate and After Effects, I’ve been keeping tabs on this software. It’s actually quite frustrating because a lot of the control that an animator typically has is lost in this software. Recording or performance capture with swap out pieces, editing without some critical components of ANIMATION (like the 12 principals) makes me question it’s purpose/usability. It starts to become a lot more technical to understand something new in order to do something more…efficiently (or rather, “cheaply”). And frankly, I’m not sure “animator” should be part of the software’s name. Wouldn’t “Character Capture” be more appropriate? I’ve come to accept I’m not the demographic for this tool though I can, however, understand it’s appeal to live-streamers and other people using this like a widget or an app for laugh. This tutorial itself seems clear and useful, I only mean to provide constructive criticism for animation software as an Adobe supporter for decades (I certainly don’t want to contribute to the bevy of negative comments on the web). If you’d like suggestions on improving animation features in Animate or After Effects, I can help ya there 🙂 Good luck – thanks!

Son And Games says:

Dave, one thing driving me crazy… Is there anyway to do keyboard commands while not having the interface directly selected – so you can play games and then have your keys still work in the background?

Donnie Bott says:

Question on the walk cycle. Can you add dragger handles while walking? I have a character walking and I want her to wave. Your tutorials have been great!

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