Sneak Peek of Adobe Fuse CC (Preview) | Adobe Creative Cloud

Create custom 3D characters for your Photoshop projects.



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Francisco Sepulveda says:

To late Adobe

Luna Miranda says:

So Adobe finally got to creepy :S

thejobloshow says:

Damn, they brought back 3D Movie Maker and they’re charging $58 a month for it.

ocubex says:

Does it work in After Effects? That will be awesome!

Andrew Vietri says:

Adobe bought Miximo. This is there tech. AFAIK, Miximo will still exist as the great product it is. No so much for their creator creation but for their awesome rigging.

VTV says:

Can you import / export obj’s?

Aksmena says:

This programe is like App Create A Sim in The Sims 4 😀

DAnyal Ahmed says:

You people are just doing the great job i appreciate all sort of your work,you people are providing a great platform to the developers keep it up

SoulOfAnAxe says:

About time they made this! Goodbye Daz-3-D!

Rob Ellison says:

The guy presenting this looks like he was made in Fuse

joshua altobar says:

Could’ve at least updated to 1.4 in mixamo’s version, hat-hair is still a problem for us steam users and fixing it in Blender isn’t exactly a walk in the park…

fatih vural says:

Hocam anlatıyorsun da indiremiyoruz ki.. Creative Cloud üzerinden bir türlü indiremedim. :S

MegaCoolrishi says:

If you guys really want to see what each designer can make than it is my humble request make it FREE. Loyalty charge is still ok.

If you guys agree give a thumbs up

Max says:

crappy 3D

Azure Studio says:

i have been using this recently but i cant animate it in photoshop attached is a link to my fuse cc forum post no one has answered it? in the post is a screen shot to show that its not showing up?

omer kose says:

1.3 version?

Tommy Scott says:

Do we have a release date for this yet? And will the first release still support exporting to FBX for Unity3D?

John Abz says:

where can I download the Adobe Fuse software?

Faris Aprilio says:

wish i got the money for adobe cc

Joe on Drums says:

In this new version of FUSE CC, the Transparencys are messed up, when I upload to sketchfab for display, That means no eyelashes or hair. THis used to work perfectly in the first version of FUSE myxamo.

Abel Dinarte says:

there’s somewhat of an uncanny valley look to it

camelCased says:

Fuse is in free beta (preview) for a year already and there have been no updates *at all*. Such update strategy is a total bummer nowadays, when continuous delivery is “a must” for any product, especially niche products which need vital ecosystem and some “positive noise” around it.

Laban Le Fleur says:

This seems like a interesting App I will try it out indeed 😀

Poubellelabelle Etsesmacaquesmous says:

Previous version was way more complete…

No name says:

Adobe, you need to tighten up your product line and stop messing around with these very limited and semi amateurish programs

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