Unreal Engine 4 – Fuse CC Import

Hello everyone and welcome,
Today I will show you how you can easily import mixamo characters to ue without any problems on textures or material.
Do you have any Questions, wishes or anything else?
Just put it under the video I will answer your questions as soon as possible

Thank you very much for your ongoing Support !!
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super ram says:

thanks you

PreciseAce says:


WTFacts says:

Brilliant work as always Pyro, thankyou mate.

Hope t says:

so i just put them in and out of blender and that’s it ! wow thanks i didn’t know it was that easy.

Menelin says:

how would I import a Fuse character and use UE4’s animations? I’ve bought an animation pack from the Unreal store and I want to use it with my Fuse character, but it’s refused to work for over a week.

Jameson Parker says:

I have a question about using the different facial expressions as blendshape morph targets in UE4. When exporting my model from Fuse, should I export the model with each facial expression I want to use as a separate obj file and then combine them into one fbx file as morph targets, and THEN upload to Mixamo -> Blender -> UE4? I’m trying to combine this tutorial with Unreal’s Character Morph Target tutorial but I’m worried that I may have a problem with meshes having a different number of vertices if I export the character I animated with your tutorials as a fbx, and then try to add new exports of my character from fuse with the different facial expressions as morph targets. Any suggestions on this workflow? I hope I explained that in a way that makes sense. Thanks!

Clarence Rajaratnam says:

thanks for these awesome tutes, also do have a tute on how to do directional jumps, like in the game witcher3?

OneManArmy Studios says:

Hi pyro ! Love these videos. They are a big help!

Lasha Mezvrishvili says:

hey pyro. ur english is getting better. will you do series for a game. like full multiplayer fps or rpg game or whatever. just some kind of game series. your tutorial list feels very random. thanks

chris 92 says:

These two Programms are pure Garbage… when i import and export the character to and from blender, suddenly the Mesh lays on the ground. Not to speak from this fucking annoying eyliner that is not editable in the way you’ve shown because it does not export the eyelashes material.

Vazett says:

The eyelashes thing wont work.

Russian Education says:

Привет Pyro, ты не разобрался еще как делать скелеты с root motion? (Hi Pyro, have you figured out how to do skeletons with root motion?) https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/umorph-character-creator

DeadRatGames says:

when i import the character there is only 1 material slot

Nitral GameObzor says:

Fuse Characters can be used in the engine for free?

d h says:

hi! how can i add other clothes for my fuse caracter? i made the clothes in blender and my caracter is already in unreal 4

Flamongo says:

export starts at 4:30
Just saying.

Hope t says:

one question though .. why you were so careful of exporting the character with the body underneath the clothes ?

clydhi violence says:

Hey Pyro, nice video, very helpful.
Also I do need an advice.
Im using blender for modeling environment static meshes, but for my game I also need a characters. I could make a model for it, but i have no idea how to make skeletal same as UE using for animations. Only way i see is to make easier skeletons and my own animation, but also i looking for method that could help make a skeletal/rig for my character mesh and using animations that i can get on market. Sorry for my eng, look foward for good advice. peace

BlendSpace Lab says:

hi Pyro great video. one question: do you know how to add all fully functional IK bones to mixamo’s armature using Blender? Thanks.

Thek Gaming says:

why do fuse eylashes always look bad?

MrCYCLY says:

thanks you very nice tutorial

Boros Gergo says:

Is there a way to solve Fuse CC character make the same skeleton ,then mannequen with Blender ( I dont wan to replicate all animations ?

B-boy Titus says:

Rusish sweiner, ja?)) Эх, бля, спасибки короче!!1

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