Zbrush to Mixamo FUSE

Here is my first tutorial on getting a Zbrush Model into Mixamo’s FUSE. I apologize for the audio quality throughout, if I can make time I will re-record it. Hopefully there is enough useful tricks and tips to get people importing custom content into FUSE. I cant wait to see what people come up with.

FUSE Content Creator Pack 1.3

Zbrush docs on subtool Projection (required reading!)


Retrosleep says:

Really helpful tutorial. Thank you.

vijay krishna says:

how to use face generation modeller created head to mixamo fuse

Christina Parissi says:

Can you please do this video again but show exactly what buttons and shortcuts you’re using? It will make it easier for new Brush users like me to get the same results. Also, can you show how to merge the teeth and all in Blender Thanks!

Amy James says:

Daz studio into Mixamo tut please

gil florendo says:

what graphics card are you using?

Stefano Corazza says:

Inspiring video!!!  I want that model!!!

Mark Williams says:

Hey Nathan. Such a useful resource, thanks. I have a couple of questions –
Where does the SKIN.obj come from?
You adjusted the poly count to 4 before exporting AO map, why did you keep sub division at 1 for the normal map?
How come the total poly count for your sculpted MaleFitA is 7,542 polys, when the original base MaleFitA from “Content Creator Package” is 12,853. My MaleFitA is 13,059 after projecting and moving polls only. This may be due to me having to mirror the figure because x symmetry was out slightly.
Thanks again for this essential resource, adding details as above would make it perfect.

rebitmusic says:

Hi Nathan can you do tutorial from DAZ3D to Mixamo Fuse ?

Marquis Miller says:

How did you make the model transparent so fast in that appearance? (with shader intact) at 3:55

Robert Ooghe says:

This is awesome- thanks for putting this together. Is there any chance you would consider making CHIMPION available as a sample for this? I’m trying to work a pipeline backwards from Fuse as I learn ZBrush, and I’m trying to isolate a few issues (and I’m using Lightwave). But this is a great tutorial, thanks!

Alexander Jabar says:

Have been searching for a tutorial like this for weeks! ^^

mrirurfkjsdo says:

Very Useful !!!!!!
Thx ! ; ))

video c says:

you are a master !

James Popp says:

Okay so here’s what I am trying to figure out. I made my model in Mixamo, which is just a regular, normal dude. But there are some things like the way the shirt fits and some clipping with the jeans and boots that I wanted to fix in zbrush, which I did. But I can’t figure out what to do after that. I have all these maps that got exported from Mixamo and I don’t know how to apply them to my model to get an actual textured model that I can look at with all the details and colors. Think you can help me out? Thanks

Lild killerinstinct says:

can you do the same thing with muvizu

Dimeji Ajibola says:

Thanks for an awesome tutorials, Nathan. I did everything in the tutorial but the set of teeth didn’t translate well into Mixamo. What am I doing wrong

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