2019 How To Cartoon Yourself !- ReMastered /RiceGum Tutorial ( ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR )




Mikey Jay says:

You are the king my brother.
Thank you for all your help. Much love!!

Nerrvana says:

I appreciate this!

Tyre Buckner says:

What sup chi world one day i will get to meet you one day in life if I’m steel living and we can make projects

The A.W Games says:

First ❤❤

hypebeast plays says:

Hey chi world can u sub to me cause I Ben supporting your channel since I got my. First phone when I was 3

xycoder says:

Looks amazing bro, keep the good shit up!

johannes gregebo says:


Mehmet Mutlu says:

Why only 144p and 360p?

Kahmir Drawz says:

I remember this!!

BRKEN says:

That video was how i came across this channel thanks to YouTube recommendations

Argenis says:

appreciate these videos man! keep doing you, God bless

Roni U says:

Muuuuuuch better than before. Yes, man! Love this one. Keep at it. <3

Jules Music Instrumentals says:

one of the best tutorials i ve seen so far..good job.

Anny Singh says:

Upload more remastered version of your artworks

Bernard Stallings says:

Chiworld — Have you tried Affinity Designer?

OhMaxwelll says:

Hey man you’re a real idol and I look up to you and your art. I was wondering if you had an email I could contact to get better insight on what you do!

Sr. Zappy says:


Lil Logo says:

rice gum… really man

hypebeast plays says:

And I can send u a pic I drew for fan art

Big bit bit says:

1:38 a vagina

VEE ANON says:

Chiworld done made me a pro in a month. Now, starting my own clothing brand and launching soon.

Stefan Tomov says:

This looking clean <3

Andrew Campbell says:

Your work is fantastic! Love the tips and techniques man, thanks for sharing. You’ve earned another sub!


Salut L’artist And Hello From To Morocco

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