Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial for Beginners 2015

Comments says:

good tutorial

Jerry-Bee Weaver says:

@ 47:19 – I am following along with filling the ribbon with color but I am having trouble trying to direct select the triangle part to fill it in with color. It keeps selecting the whole thing! I am using the 2017 version, did they change how you do that?

Frostas Burner says:

Thank You for the video. I’m surprised how it helped me. I am really grateful, buddy! 🙂

Patricia says:

Extremely helpful!

Athisii Ekhe says:

nice tutorials….!!!

adegbuls says:

Great tutorial!

Ade Rastiardi says:

a clear step by  step! very good!

Vivian Do Nguyen says:

Thanks so much~!!! ^_^
Zooming in & out = ctrl + or ctrl -, & ctrl z = undo, and holding down shift = straight horizontal/vertical line, like in Photoshop too!

Jimcer says:

good tutorial but i need subtitle … plus, how to watch this tutorial in hd mode?

Mohamed abdelkader says:


Tulu Erden says:

thank you so much, that was a great tutorial

Ayyappadas M says:

Thanks. Good for fast learning.

A. E says:

Great tutorial! I just finished watching the whole thing. The world is now my canvas!

Md.Zahirul Islam says:

Hi, I am having a problem with Adobe illustrator CC 2015. I installed it but toolbar does not allow me to select any of the tool options or i am not able to get the sub tool menus to open. I also tried CS6 version but results same, can you help me solving this problem?

Ilyas HAMDI says:

Hello !
I can help you on all your designs Ai and Ps Projects on fiverr :

Maliha Tahir says:

Awesome tutorial (Y)

HB Sauvé says:

I cannot $%?&&ing scale anything!!!!

suman Tirkey says:

how to download Lynda adobe Illustrator CC 2015 One on One Fundamentals Tutorial video

Zala Harpalsinh says:

Happy New year

michael suarez says:

Great tutorial

kurikuraconkuritas says:

is the narrator the guy from “7 things you probably didn’t know about _________” from cine fix????

Noah Martinez says:

you can draw manga with adolbe illustrater right?

Danthony TheGreat says:

Very easy to follow tutorial that produced very nice results. Thank you for your posting.

blu wamazing says:

im new in illustrator, is artboard is like a canvas ?

Ankit Jain says:


Shajidul Mahdi says:

i don’t have the tool panel that you have on the right of the screen?

denisa b says:

Thank You!!!

Paranormal Generation says:

Thank you so much sir

swift 88 says:

Excellent tutorial. Very helpful.

Newtons Post says:

Great tutorial!! Will you guys being doing one like this for Photoshop as well?

quds istesharat says:

pleas add english subtitle so i can follow the steps

Mads Knudsen says:

What a great turtorial, thanks for the help.

sneha khetpalia says:


Loan Huynh says:

33:15 Logo

MrPhotografix says:

awesome, thank you!

linc jay says:

well done dickhead, what i wanted to know was how to insert a pic and you skipped that step. bravo..not

Jason Morgan says:

Thanks for the help man
Could you possibly do 2017?
Please, Thanks

Colin Smith says:

This helped a lot. Thanks for sharing.

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