Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial – Tracing with the Pen Tool

Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial – Tracing with the Pen Tool

***This video is a little advanced. Take a look at the videos below to build a quick foundation for using the Pen Tool.***

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Tracing artwork that has a lot of complexity in Adobe Illustrator can be confusing and frustrating. In this video, we break down a very detailed image, so we can create a high-resolution digital version that can be scaled to any size. Converting hand-drawn artwork to vector graphics is powerful in Adobe Illustrator. Graphic Designers that can accurately trace artwork to convert it to a digital file are in high demand.

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Taylor Wade says:

Saved my life. Thank you!

Gerry Mullin says:

How long did it take you to do the entire thing? Question from an Illustrator newbie.

Md Minhajul470 says:

This vector tracing video great.I can,I do work My profile

Steelmax6 says:

Cool thanks!

La Loma City says:

How you work a round area with pen tool such as a circle or the shape on eye?

Erick Servin says:

OMG WW is my favorite place on earth !!

Pandoz says:

Hey, i know this vids kinda old and I dont know if you’ll still even see this, but I got a little question.
For me, it just doesn’t show the Anchor Points, only if I hover my mouse right above it, making me kind of unable to grab a single handle. How can I enable that?

Manny Campos says:

This is a great video! But I have a problem. I’m new to using adobe illustrator and I can definitely trace the entire outside part of the picture, but everything on the inside is what I’m having trouble with. When I start to trace anything on the inside, the outside tracing disappears and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. When you do it, everything stays in its place. When I do it, everything disappears once I try and trace a new thing on the inside. What do I do? 🙁

Maggie Bradford says:

Thank you. I am a design student.This is so helpful!

Mohiuddin Fahad says:

Nice video i make this easily need your any vector order my gig

Julia Fernandez-Cuervo says:

So helpful thank You!

Gayle J says:

This was a great video to help me transition back into the world of digital design after living without Adobe for a good 8 years. Not sure why I ever decided that it was a good idea, but this video has helped me go from ver. CS2 to CC.

Please take note to never accidentally hit command H (MAC), which I am used to doing in Photoshop. It took me all evening to figure out why I couldn’t permanently see my anchor points (like this video) and adjust the handle bars etc. Earlier today, I did this to hide the guides without fully knowing other important things that may be hidden. Now I am back in business. Thank you Jason for your fast response and help today!! 🙂 Love your example using a bulldog!

Richard A says:

Seems like you could click and drag with the pen tool to match up with the curves when outlining instead of going back and trying to fix everything. Faster to do it once instead of reworking it in my opinion. This is a good example of how you can rework pen points for those that don’t know though.

edman3d says:

extremely good video

Ben Rodigas says:

Great video!

Stephen Sircar says:

Very helpful! Keep up the good work Jason!

Heidi Altree says:

Why does part of my image/scan disappear when I’m half way through adding anchor points?

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