Adobe Illustrator | Pen Tool Tutorial

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ZerefGG says:

I watched many similar videos but yours is so helpful
thanks sir

Timothy Taylor says:

That was absolutely great advice! Thanks. I noticed a couple “our of square” handles though. the explanation as to WHY might have been helpful too.

You Are Wrong says:

Nice tutorial. Now if only I could draw. 🙁

Krzysztof Urban says:

OMG, I feel like a total dumbass, but I finally understood what I was doing wrong. Thank you! 🙂

Sathish kumar.M says:


Muhammad Fiqih says:

thank you for the tutorial will, very helpful

Glenn Torres says:

At 2:22, how did you constrain the handle.. and how did you find the extreme part of it at 2:35…?

Aurobindo Ghosh says:

computers put a lot of restriction on creative people because it is not meant for them. you can’t develop your creative skills if you have to remember all these codes, commands, programs and all those technical shit.

Mohin Ahmd says:

that was a great TUT on pen tool …

Goshe Lewis says:

you sound like tom hardy

UselesswizarD says:

This was incredibly useful. I feel like I have a much better handle (eh? eh?) on this tool. Thanks so much.

WhimZpix says:

Will, an absolute place to start. It makes so much sense now. Yes, I would like to see more pen tool vids that take the basics and present them in bite size lessons like this. Also, the lack of background noise is appreciated. Thanks! Constance.

최민기 says:

I’m finally into illustrator thank you

MrTobnicht says:

great! thank you so much.

Abid Hajher says:

dude I seen a few of your vids, this is the one that made me hit that sub and bell. very very well done.

Michael Bodie says:

Glad I found your channel so early in my graphic design journey, brother. Thanks so much for the great content!

OanasDrafts says:

Ok so i’ve done everything like in the video, and i did Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S to Save for Web
But the preview is a pdf blank file, like i did nothing on the actual layer whatsoever

Aamir Askari says:

Absolutely brilliant! Thanks

Avinash Murmu says:

The BEST Tutorial on Pen Tool……explaination was crystal clear…loved it

Magic 11 says:

Very good! Thank you very much!

Robert Illeš says:

Hey guys, pls help me.
how to show lines track without anchoring point?like a 2:30 +
Thank you

Đồng Vũ says:

i want word in video for practice

With Nine says:

This is really very helpful! You always give a very good explanation in every video your tutorial. Thanks a lot, Will ^^

Visvananda Stanley Shane says:

How do you pull down a guide while tracing with the pen tool? What key do you hold down on

going oh says:

hello. today I subscribed your channel. the reason why I write down the comment is to appreciate your video. coz I ve been struggling how to use pen tool. just I ve been keeping doing my way… i didn;t know the reason why my stroke is not perfect something like that. anyway. that must be helpful for me. now i am big fan of your channel. thanks. have a wonderful day.

Lisa Guy says:

Finally I get a video that makes sense about the curves. I am going to practice this before I move on to the next level of the pen tool

Non chalant says:

cool video fam. how do you do those guides

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