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Shawnnn TM says:

Just Subbed , Can You Make Me One?

Cure LaCura says:


A Beautiful Agony says:

Anyone here able to do this? Willing to compensate.. I just dont have patience…and cant seem to get the hang of the darn pen tool..

Girl NO. says:

How you think I’m going do that?! That’s sweet.

Derrick Stinoski says:

what version of Ai is this and what type of drawing tablet do u recommend Sir?

Results By Daye says:

Lets get that pen tool tutorial. Keep pushing these out bro!

Official TydarianJones says:

Can you make me one please I’m trying to start my channel and would really like for you to do mine

nicki chandan says:

Wowwwww you are awesome

JeXe Zen Backup Account says:

it wont let me add color… what did you press so it deletes the color but saves it in the picture?

Moblox plays roblox says:

do chris and queen

Sake Dang says:

The more I watch his videos and attempt these, the more I realize how much of an untalented piece of shit I am. Shit is fucking sad.

Conner Debourgonniere says:

Man, i did all the steps. Went to delete the colour from the background which isn’t necessary to keep. And boom… deleted all the colour. What did i do wrong? haha

knoxx says:

just curious what computer you are using ?? coz my laptop kept freezing when i draw ,,, just curious about the specs

neil teriote says:

How to have your brush , because my brush is not for drawing . please help me 🙂

sharon izibili says:

Please do animation video tutorials

Brovo squad says:

really helpful videos bro

Ayaa Emmanuel says:

Helloo please the brush remain the same even though have change to pressure brush…Thank you, your help please

SanJay says:

It didnt work with the different color, when i click del. all is then white???

_isthis_realife_ says:

Im working on a touchscreen laptop and get all the way to applying and merging the color but when i right click “isolate selected group” doesn’t show up so I’m stuck there. Can anyone help me please?

Alex Cole says:

Master ur DAMN AUDIO, its NOT FUNNY. Hate it to turn the speaker less louder and in the next steps your to quiet.
Saw that Prob by so many YT-Guys sry but IF YOU MAKE VIDEOS ——— YOU SHOULD MASTER UR DAMN AUDIO.

THX BUDDY. Hope I CAN ENJOY ya videos soooOOOOOON with a MASTERING of ya Audios. so if not it will be hard to listen to ya Tutorial

PEACE and Good Blessin YA

Yazmin Colon says:

Can you please make ayo and teo

Richard Sineyhan says:

WOW!! Awesome..Love it

BariFunny says:

Incredible work! Had to put the video on mute after that background music said the same thing for the 300th time and watch on CC though

kasstroom toure says:

t’es un champion Mec

Hanifah Henley says:

This fire

Girl NO. says:

Could you make me one?

J Før3v3r says:

watching this with 1.25x speed & its dope!!

Judge Claude Frollo says:

I can’t click ”pressure” at 1:06. Do you know why?

Raul Cassino says:


Khambria Bowers says:

I watch them

Shaikh Anas says:

Awesome Popart.
Acctuly i am fan to creating this kind of cartoons.
I have prblm with my Huion 1060Plus.
I dont know why my brush didnt give me the real effect as your.
Please help to for the issue.

shami sharma says:

Sir please can you make my photo cartoon i will send you my photo

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