Adobe Illustrator Secret! – Step By Step Full Video Tutorial ( ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR )


Jordin Haynes says:

Do juice wrld and how to draw fire

Kevin Elliott says:

So helpful thank you, personally ive been sleeping on custom symbols

Kid Gorilla says:

Everyone please like this video, because I want to see more artwork from Chiworld1234.

Ondrene Barnes says:

Forget the 400 views just keep dropping that heat man all your tutorials help me out so much

IroamNZ says:

Nothing but heat bro, keep it up.

Nick Crompton Fanpage says:

Aye tutorial on how to pirate adobe illustrator or how to get a drawing tablet for cheap that isn’t crap

Brad Caldwell says:

I draw betta than you bro! Real talk

Jesse Ferrer says:

I preciate the knowledge bro!! Thank you

AnkhManRaw says:

Perfect for like the bling in jewerly

Draw Evolve says:

I needed this.

mohammad abo alool says:

Perfect as always ❤️ . What type of tablets do you use ?

Video Gokil says:

You’re the best man,,

Zoldrax says:

What digital tablet do u use @CHIWORLD1234?

Hamza GFX says:


i7sAk w/Bacon says:

Question sir, why come u don’t use the pencil tool when doing simple shadows or coloring?

Jaye Blak says:

Peep my toons chiworld @senseijaye

Anel Alejandri says:

dont wanna be cheesy but i am seriously inspired after watching your videos!!!

ShuckX says:

Hey pal can i have some help? I have a wacom tablet and pressure pen in adobe illustrator. When i do a circle or a turn it decides not to like it fills it in or makes the line nasty

Daniel Moleko says:

Your voice is super calming…

Dab Master Brandon says:


Giles David says:

Bruh do you have a full clip video? Cause I wanna learn how to blend and all that. I’m a fan


Very nice

Alexandru Grecov says:

talent no joke there….congrat !

waleed arif says:

Dope work man

Dab Master Brandon says:

Aye man this is dope

tutorial by safouane says:

Nice man!keep uploading tutorials like this.
My bad english:)

Jabbar Wallace says:

Keep em coming

RavO says:

I learn so much from you Chi, thank you

IDontBuyBull says:

Another #Dope Adobe. Cool naw when u finta drop a Pro-create tutorial bruh? I been asking for aeions!

Olle Engberg says:

My man!

Hawazen Khaled says:

I wish u do a live stream soon

Rahmah art says:

you soooo good

KinG Taino says:


CNCMachinist says:

400th like!! i want my new video!! hahaha Keep doin ya thing bro! you’re inspiring!

Ham Nam says:

Thank you

Anton Zsandor says:

thanks for the tips and tricks, you are the best!!! Greetings from Mexico.

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