Adobe Illustrator Tutorial 1: Basics You Need to Know

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The first tutorial in the great new series. In this episode, I discuss the basic interface and controls of Illustrator, as well as how to start creating shapes, colours, and gradients. Also, I give a few quick tips on how to do some cool things.
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xXTheGreatestOneXx says:

this was great! Thanks soo much!

Ceejay Pastrana says:

“Here we can make a super star…”
I had a giggle…

Jeff Mullen says:


Verdict: FAIL.

brotalnia says:

Thanks for the tutorial and for adding subtitles!

Rahul Kale says:

Nice video 🙂 Very helpful..

Arya Mahendran says:

Thankyou, this really helped me 🙂

Sarat Anandh says:

very helpful. thanks a lot

SlaveDash says:


9:23 it’s a pingas

Melody Chan says:

A very informative tutorial useful for beginners like me!

Maria S. says:

This tutorial is awesome – thanks loads for sharing. Really appreciate it! Made my own awesome logo! Shall have to donate upon completion of the series.


Please i need your help when i open illustrator and save a file it
appear unknown . I wish i could send you the image. Something like but
different Ai please i really need your help. Thank you

The Son Ts says:

Great djob

Carbonawk says:

It does work with pixels. However what you talk about is vector vs raster.

Lia Vergara says:

help 🙁 in my illustrator they don’t have other shapes but rectangle im lost

87th Doctor says:

This is a very good video. Thanks for making it

James Cobalt says:

Is it just me or does this guy sound like Walter White Jnr? without the stutter and slurred voice

flavacrava says:

not good, but surprisingly good

instalan says:

Hey dude this is a great video. You taught me a lot. I especially liked those hidden click / key shortcuts. Thanks

Ivelina Ivanova says:

Thanks for the great tutorial!

Cruisential says:

How do i find a good Illustrator?
Thank you

Ringga Averous says:

its no pixels because its vector not bitmap, dump ass

Kazi Mohammad Shopan says:

Good teaching

D.Santos DOSA says:

Great and quick. Thanks

Apostolos Tsaganos says:

nice tut

Swine Sausage says:

Thank you, your tutorial was so much better then tittats

Kevin Smith says:

great job man… nicely done! Q: how do you connect an anchor and a path?

mahmod abdulsalam says:

thank you

Ryan Kagami says:

so Illustrator is pretty much like paint’s older super brother?

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