Adobe Illustrator Tutorial — How To Convert A Drawing Into Vector Art

In this video we show you how to convert a drawing into vector art. This easy to follow Adobe Illustrator tutorial will help you create vectors you can use for t shirt designs, logos and much more. Get started with the Creative Cloud here:

This amazing Adobe Illustrator Tutorial will show you how to convert any drawing into vector art easily. In this video Ron joins us and shares his graphic design knowledge to help us navigate adobe illustrator. Some of the things we cover in this step by step tutorial include: using the pen tool, making shapes, merging shapes, coloring your design on illustrator and ensuring that your artwork is ready for print production.

You can start using the Adobe Illustrator software with the Creative Cloud here:

Special thanks to Ronald Munar. If you have any design questions feel free to send them his way:

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Here are some of the steps we mentioned in the video:

1-The first thing you will need to do is scan the image into your computer. Use a scanner or an app on your phone such as Camscanner to send it to your computer.

2- Import the image into Illustrator and organize your layers. Lock your drawing and draw on top of it using the pen tool.

3- If your drawing is symmetrical, draw half of the illustration using the pen tool, duplicate and flip the drawing. This is a trick that will save you a lot of time, so make sure you watch this adobe illustrator tutorial to get it right the first time.

4- Fill the design with color. Connect the points so that you are able to fill in the design with color once it is completed. If you have run into the problem of not being able to fill a shape with color on Adobe Illustrator before, this is the solution. 6:01

5- Unite separate shapes to make your vector drawing easier to work with. For example, need to combine a box and a circle to create your design? This step shows you how to accomplish this. 9:30

6- Align your drawing so that it is symmetrical once you complete a design. 12:00

7- Make a rectangle into an oval shape depending on your needs. If you are making business cards or need an oval finish for your drawing, watch this part of the tutorial to accomplish this 12:30

8- Practice using the pen tool, it takes a little bit to get used to, but once you get the hang of it you can create all kinds of designs on your computer. Use the center point method to drag and drop a copy of what you have drawn, this creates a flipped version of your drawing. 13:56

9- Use the pathfinder tool to combine the separate shapes you created. 15:20

***About This Video***
This video teaches you how to convert drawings into vector art easily with Adobe Illustrator. We dive into the program to help you navigate the software and more importantly, convert your artwork into graphics. One of the frustrating things with Adobe Illustrator is in how the shapes can be filled, and how to combine your designs to make them vector art. Ron helps us merge the shapes, fill in color and much more in this advanced, but simple video. By the time you are done watching you will be ready to draw and make beautiful illustrations of your own.

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Alessandro surace says:

Very clear tutorial and nice quick tips.

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this is really helpful!

jonathan tacan says:

use the app adobe capture, take a picture of the art work, send to adobe illustrator and boom its your pic in vector

brian music says:

your a savage john, i salute. thank you

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