Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to Draw an Astrochimp

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This tutorial was made by one of the artists at, Ioana Șopov with a Wacom Intuos 5 drawing tablet. Check out more of her work here:, and get similar design resources created by her and the rest of our talented team here: The tutorial was created in Adobe Photoshop CS5 & Adobe Illustrator CS6 and took 2 hours in real time.

The musical background is Gus Lightyear’s awesome chillout July 2013 mix which you can find here:
No copyright infringement intended.

Be sure to check out Ioana’s previous tutorial here:


Tomás Serrão says:

soooo helpful! thank you so much!

WackPlatin says:

just – Thank you!

Sharayah Hefner says:

Im not sure if this was already asked or not, but…… why do you sketch it in photoshop first?

sebastiano durgaj says:

can you sketch on adobe illustrator or just on ps,and if yes how …? hope to get an answer

Luke Boser says:

Tasty Tuts tutorial is the way to go!


good tutorial. its help

The Magic Donut says:

Why you smoke in helmet Mr. Astrochimp?!

prashant chennoji says:

This is one amazing tutorial thanks for sharing your process 🙂

Syed Asim Ali Shah says:

166 people who disliked this video actually thought that it’s a Download button.

andwhatsnew says:

I always thought how they do paint in illustrator, its actually almost the same how I learned in photoshop.

Aya Rush says:

Excuse me, you’re not allowed to make it look this easy

techno leonard says:

The best tutorial on youtube, congrats

YaraYara says:

how do you get that thick, thin brush? I did exact the same things as you but I did’nt get the effect, anyone knows? by the way this video is amazing

Takevektor Channel says:


Queen Cyndra Vivala says:

Best Line Art Coloring Ever! Thank you!!

James Beaz says:

This is EXACTLY the right advice and demonstration needed to answer my questions. Bring it on

NYSawesome says:

In what program is she sketching the monkey??

One Minute Illustrator Tutorials says:

This tut is *_AWESOME_* ! Hard, but amazing art!

Ange Michael Y. ATSE says:


Fautito TV says:

I want it in my t-shirt

Fellow Person says:

I had a big problem not getting it to work until I re-watched 12:33 until the end. the whole coloring part I was doing the HARD way lol. many thanks!

Enzo Esperguin says:

Step 1: Draw a circle
Step 2: Add all the necessary details to make the drawing look the same as the tutorial
DONE! just in two steps

nominomi7 says:

Hi, I am using a tablet but I cant select pressure options for the brush. I also cant select scatter brush or art brush if i wanted to. help!

Asd says:

very good work

ibrahim boiem says:

hey everytime i delete my lineart using ereaser tool itll change my line art to usual line with blunt edge, how bout that? can sombody help?

Abele Gigante says:

hey. My calligraphy brush’s pressure doesn’t work.

Pepo Rangel says:

Please make a sexy dragon

Simona Molino says:


sebastian gn says:

Hi! …anyone knows how did she rotate the canvas at 1:54 ???

Tomás Serrão says:

I did it… don´t even know how but i did

Souvik Nandi says:

Can you send me the link of the picture?
It’s awesome!!!


This woman has a real tallent i cant even draw a stick man

WhatTheArt says:

Wow. Thank you so much for sharing this!

Visual Street says:

have instagram?

Soufiane Itachi says:

chti nti raki zayda naghza

Locke D says:


Himanshu Nagar says:


stormergirl 24 says:

where are you making this sketch in the beginning?

Youssef Ahmed says:

يا مرارتك .. مزهقتيش :3

Dusty Lewis says:

ur video n audio is fucked up n its very freaking confusing . its so annoying cus i watched it about 10 times before i actually understood wat u did with d line art n the fill colour , jesus

The Pipe says:

Amazing tutorial! Can you tell parameters of your brush in Photoshop?

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