Blending Vector Art – Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop

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In this video we will be creating a Blending Vector art. Creating two design each with different techniques. We will be using pen tool to draw the curves, Blend tool to add the effects and Gradient tool to add colours. Check out the video to see the whole process!
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Mr. Vista says:

You’re awesome but you also suck. TOO FAST

Quinta Y says:

Thank you for sharing 🙂

alexandre haigneré says:

Indian style !! You’re talking and acting too fast man!!! Slow down. I give a dislike for that

Stefan Srećković says:

Hey, one question> whenever I try to export I get this a kind of moire defect so to speak, I’m not sure about the terminology but the lines aren’t crisp / clean at all. It all looks good when I zoom into the actual blend whilst inside Illustrator, but when I zoom out I get the same kind of ‘moire’ defect even within Illustrator. Is there a workaround?

S. Terry says:

You’re really talented man, you just need to talk slower since your English is not your 1st language….just a thought. English is not my first language either, but I try to speak as clear as I can.

Pari van Diemen says:

thanks ! very clear 🙂

AB Dzigner says:

You nilled it dude…And You deserve the subscrib ! Thanks a lot…

Marcelo Favio P. says:

Dios! qué acento!

Wagner Shintani says:

Hi, can you please tell me how to add a background colour as seen on 1:41, it’s too fast for a lot of us to follow. Thank you 🙂

thenormalstate says:

This is incredible! Thank you for sharing!!

jrozene cn says:

Your VDO is great but you speak too fast. Please speak more slowly.

Amisi T says:

Check out these amazing fonts guys!!! Kinda reminds me of “Creative Market” but better!

Yhonatan Quispe says:

what music 5:11 please …help 🙁

infundere says:

yeah please go slower. nice vids!

CaptainET says:

Remember to put your main colour to transparent or this will not work!
Took me 2 days to figure out.

Jade Velazquez says:

I understood the dude just fine

Kayla Amt says:

It won’t let me click on the left and right sides of the line, I can’t see the plus sign

Osafa I. says:

Maybe skip talking and replace that with subtitles.

omkhlads says:

awesome, but the tutorial is way toooo fast 😀 i gave up to make this..

Haldaluz Lois says:

Waow this is lifesaving

Phonetix_DJ says:

The ‘replace spine’ option is hidden. How to solve this ?

Abhiram says:

Tuts perfect! But please don’t fake the accent its annoying bro!

However Andrew says:

u keep saying spline!!!! i cant!!

alvin zheng says:

Can anyone please tell me how to do that when it comes to 1:43??

When I set my background color and then selected my blending vector back in the frame, it’s UNDER the background color!!! How should I move it to the top? Thanks!!!!!

Rosn Gurung says:

Awesome tutorial

Manu Hernz says:

Great and professional, but too fast for me, a beginner to illustrator. I’ll download and I’ll try to follow you. Cheers and thanks!

구하나 says:

I love your tutorial

Sara Wang says:

This is amazing!

Aman Arora says:


Sherif Sheko says:

amazing man . keep on and share more tutorials .

Xavier Schattel says:


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