Build An ISOMETRIC HOUSE In Adobe Illustrator

Do you want to build your very own isometric house in Adobe Illustrator? If so follow along in todays Illustrator tutorial, and learn how to make an isometric house design!

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You all really appreciated and liked the last isometric design tutorial in Illustrator, and so today I have a second design, this time we make our very own house using the isometric style and method. I did try and turn the technique of making an isometric grid or shape an automated action, but Illustrator doesn’t utilise the height values as a percentage, rather a fixed height. So it needs to be done manually.

If you want to see more creative Illustrator tutorials, just let me know down in the comment section below. I love making inspirational and creative designs and tutorials, so I am always open to ideas from you all 🙂

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My LONGEST ever tutorial on an isometric design

Create JAW-DROPPING design by using graphic design principles

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Kathy H says:

What was your original canvas size? 🙂

J.J. Fecik says:

So inspirational!! I can’t wait to try this!!

Adrian DS says:

Very nice one! Thanks


Awesome video

Neil Foster says:

Have designed sled wraps? I need to ask a Question

Anca Elena says:

I really liked this tutorial and it happened that I actually wanted to learn more about isometric designs. 🙂

Prasant Basnet says:

tried some isometric illustrations.. it was fun.

Late Night Canvas says:

Awesome video! This is a great example of what I’m looking to learn. Love to see more video of how to make different things!

Wadeplay Torik says:

Thanks for replying mr satori, another problem, my pen tool is not snapping right at the grid. Did you have solution? I thought this about my preference settings 🙁

Kenneth Roberts says:

would _reset bounding box_ help with making it action-abled?

ᅣᅣ뱌뱌ᅣᅣ says:

Thank you soooo much!!

succocucco says:


Blend In says:

super hero

Logos Tuts says:

That was amazing, thanks bro!

nis says:

HOW did he make his gridlines light grey/transparent mine are dark and it makes it hard to draw my shapes 🙁

ItzNea says:

Love your tutorials!!

I can’t seem to figure out how to make regular rooftops, anyone got some tips? 😀 (example, for a cottage house in the woods)

Abdul Rauf says:

Can make a tutorial how to draw using illustrator?

Design Shop says:

Awsomettric !

Alexandru Grecov says:

easy with nice result.

Annika K says:

thanks so much for your tutorials! I really enjoy how you always focus on a particular feature, or effect and show the many different uses of it. To me, that’s so much more useful than “how to design precisely x” when it comes to actually applying what you’ve learned in your own projects 🙂
And btw your voice is nice to listen to.

A tutorial on the rectangle grid happens to be just what I needed 😀

About the design in this video, however, I’ve been wondering if the table shadows are really accurate this way? Because while the table top area certainly crosses the borders of the floor shadow’s area, the table itself is not actually standing underneath the top floor, at least not to the extent the shadow would suggest. Just thinking..:)

But wonderful tutorial, as usual. I’m so happy to have found your channel! Keep up the good work, I’ll definitely stay tuned.. =)

Jacob Embury says:

Already seen twice love it 🙂

Raghav Arora says:

plz make a tutorial how to design a market scene in illustartor

Nguyễn Võ Phúc Vinh says:

Awesome!!! (y)

Daniyal Zaidi says:

I love these isometric videos

SwX says:

I really appreciate the value you bring to us! More isometric design videos, please!

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