Create Desert Pyramid Scene Illustration in Adobe Illustrator CC

ILLUSTRATOR TUTORIAL HOW TO CREATE DESERT ILLUSTRATION ARTWORK! | Learn to create a full desert scene from scratch in Adobe Illustrator CC in this tutorial!

Credit for this effect goes to: TushiT on Dribbble:
Desert Palm Tree:
Camel train:
Desert Castle:

Color Scheme Download:


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In this Illustrator tutorial, we’ll draw everything in this scene from the sky and desert sand to the ornate buildings on the horizon and the camel train traveling through the desert. You’ll learn how to create this entire scene, build out gradients and adjust colors, add a moon to the sky, use a transparent gradient to add glowing stars, using the Pathfinder panel about a million times to customize and trim shapes and so much more over the course of us creating this artwork! Thanks for watching!

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I will come back to this video, and work on this tut! I always refer back to your polar bear tutorial to remember how to mask the whole artboard so nothing bleeds out onto the sides. Thanks so much!

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Are we missing shadows here?

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I am terrible at art but watching illustrator tutorials always calms me ^_^

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