Creating a Vector artwork with Patterns in Adobe illustrator – Fast Draw

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Poster design with a rocket flying to outer space in an alien planet in adobe illustrator. Also using illustrator patterns to make the poster bold and stylish.


xerotolerant says:

I got so many ideas while watching this. thanks a lot.

Irwan Adi says:

damn… this is cool

zickey says:

Can you explain how to do this in an how to? I’d greatly appreciate it as I’m sure many others would

Agnieszka Rogólska says:

its so awesome 😀 thanks 🙂

Patrick McKenna says:

Don’t consider this a how to vid, because it’s impossible to follow, even when slowed and magnified, but it does show what can be done with AI and how many clicks the artist can generate.

Brainwave 76 says:

I don’t understand videos like this. This isn’t a “how to”. There’s no actual instruction. It’s more of a show-off video.

Digital Art Creation says:

Ok Guys I get it, I have changed the tittle . Sorry if it was misleading earlier.

Matt J says:

Seriously, awesome video. It helped so much. I just slowed down the speed to a frame by frame. Use that to quell the flames next time, I guess. Either way, keep doing what you’re doing.

SultanNify says:

going to the moon guyss bitcoin 7000$!!

Lucas Adriano says:

This is “how I do”, not “how to”

Juanfra Ncisco says:

this is not a “how to” its a “time lapse”

Erik Del Gallo says:


S Terry says:

Idk why but this style, reminds me of all Soviet propaganda back in the day haha. Anyways, really great illustration and hopefully that did’t come out wrong.

Parth Sharma says:

If youmaking illustrator and showing off your skills then kindly make it in normal speed. Otherwise its of no use for youtuber users who wants to learn from videos.

Ajit Warrier says:

This is brilliant man 🙂 how long did it take to make this? did you sit at a stretch?

Mikhail Pivanovich says:

The music makes me wanna pop & lock while watching this.

VectoArt says:

Hey man really enjoy ur vids!I would appreciate it if u subbed to me. big fan of ur art…Learning a lot from u..

Matias Pe says:

How can I download this image in hd bc i would do a poster and put it on my wall

Ynm Karaoke Channel says:

I hope you make tutorial dude

Khmerux says:

Really nice

yoga diningrat says:

Please, make it slowly, let me learn it

Kate Gelrud says:

awesome! thank you for your videos
and dudes you have a speed option if you want it slower

stickerama says:

Looks awesome. Like this style

모구 모구 says:

How do you choose color? The color is so beautiful.

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