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Hey Guys! In this tutorial Im showing you how to create different geometric line patterns using a very simple method. As I mention in the video, although these shapes and patterns look very complex, they’re actually very easy to make.
I hope this video has helped you guys learn a thing or two that you didn’t already know, and as always, if you post anything on social media after using the tutorial, feel free to tag me!

If you have any suggestions or requests for any tutorials, post them in the comments below.
Take it easy guys!

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Mel M says:

Thanks you

Matthew Spiby says:

Awesome video Ste, if you don’t mind me asking, what font did you use on your Instagram Story post for the Swipe Up etc text.

Leena Balani says:

i love the tutorial i couldn’t do it right i absolutely loved it….. XD :))

[01-26] says:

Thank you for another great video x

Sylvan says:

Goddamnit thank you


Awesome as always

Indraja Salunkhe says:

This is v cool. Thank you.

Iroh Design says:

Very cool, love this

Ernest Karchmit says:

You continue to blow me away with these tricks in illustrator. And i thought i knew the program well.

L V K I I says:

you’re actually insane <3

Tera says:

Although I grew up on tutorials like this I always wonder how it affects someones ability to progress. You can follow things like this and get great results but I can imagine it can be frustrating when you try to move past that and start generating your own concepts and ideas and see them not coming out as good. Maybe this is just a struggle I’ve gone through and doesn’t apply to many other people. I don’t mean for this to be insulting your content, I think having a mental catalogue of techniques you can pull from is good. Just a thought I had that I thought might be worth writing

Cantrona says:

I’m not best friends with illustrator but you make a convincing argument

Cameron Howson says:

Why does mine do this?

Cyler Resendez says:


Prabhjot Singh says:

exceptinal…you are best… the 9 minutes I have spent on this video, I am sure, are worthwhile for me….Thanks Bradbury 🙂

enjoymate says:


mutube15 says:

Shit man! while watching this tutorial I was almost about to press ctrl + s 🙂 Thanks for this!

Awis Qirani says:

Nice tutorial bro

Deniz Yalcin says:

great tutorials! thank you very much.
would you mind considering to make a tutorial about how to create a line-dotted-sphere like this one?

Angela Em says:

Sensational, adorable designs!

Stewie Griffin says:

Dude sick intro



Wojciech Kuc says:

Great tutorial, thanks!

Ahmed Adel Khater says:

Love it!

Fizzedup Slade says:

Great little tutorial. Really liked it, thanks.

Made by Mighty says:

Dope effect man, love it!

LoalDesign - Alex Kalinin says:

Great tutorial. Thank you for this video. Have a great day man.

Jaxxbird says:

awesome. so hyped for this

im probably going to jail says:

whats your pc setup? also, how did you get the inner hexagon to be curved slightly in the thumbnail shot? and lastly, great tutorial man!! im an illustrator noob so this was crazy fun to play around with

KIKI RI says:

It’s so hard to use Adobe Illustrator. THX for the great Tutorial 🙂

ValBuiGFX says:

This is so cool!

Bernat Oliva says:

Thank you for sharing this man!

VilleGraphics - Graphic Designing says:

This is what I want to dedicate my designs to, clear, simple solid colored no flashy 3d gaming cod trickshot mlg shit, subbed because of this <3

Sami Fattal says:

Thanks man <3

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