Glass Planet Vector Illustration – Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Build this AWESOME Glass Planet from scratch in this Adobe Illustrator tutorial!
We’ll create line art from simple shape tools and a little pathfinder work and then build out gradients using a custom palette of colors to build out a really cool looking piece of artwork!

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00:46 Tutorial begins + build background
02:26 Build first outlines
05:44 Build heavy highlight with scissors
06:24 Build the planet rings
07:20 Build moons line art
09:44 Trick for making stars
12:59 Make the liquid fill for the planet
18:14 Import the color scheme
19:08 Colorize the moons + light rays
22:19 Colorize the liquid fill
28:05 Creating glows and gloss for depth and dimension
33:16 Colorize and fade the planet rings
37:49 Create ring shadow
39:43 Creating another highlight with a stroke
40:43 Creating small moons and fading them
42:12 Create liquid texture
44:05 Finishing up, Get it! Got it! GOOOOOD!









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Blood Wolf2609 says:

link in bio

BlueIceAce says:

Wow, once you break it down, it doesn’t seem so impossible to achieve. Thank you!

Jerry Tirado says:

You are truly a great instructor! You always explain your workflow so well, it’s consistent and amazing. Every young and old designer should subscribe. You should have well over 1 million. Thank you.

Shaoun Das says:


Jerald Sujitado says:


Felipe Carl says:

Dude, this tutorial was awesome, loved it! AWWWWWWWESOME!

Dr Espresso says:

Your fast speech makes me wanna punch you in the face as fast as your words are coming out of your mouth.
No offense, it’s just a compliment.

Pankaj Verma says:

You are amazing!

Smarty Cat says:

I’m following along and MAN you are quick!! I keep having to rewind to keep up hahaha

Potato Mccree says:

I have no Sound in this Video…..other videos works, but this here not.

La Furore says:

Dude how do you speak like that?? its soo cool! How can I learn that?

Matias Vilchez says:

speed at 0.75 gets chiller

Jack Mathers says:

thoroughly enjoyed !

Lum0s says:

The part where you divide and group the inter hills and moon stuff. Doesnt work. At all. I have followed everything to the T and it doesnt just let me “click the section and delete it.”
Really irritating. Doesnt help you talk at 1000mph.

Tasin Chowdhury says:

Man this tutorial is entertaining !

Santiago R says:

Damm awesome tu, congrats new sub

Valerie J. says:

you lost me at masking

Tom Farquhar says:

for some reason the align tool won’t work for me? Like when I click on the align buttons the shape/object just doesn’t move, even though I have the correct object selected. Anyone know why?

Selena - says:

Wow this is amazing

Drena. F says:

My digital applications teacher made us create this as an assignment

deadstrain says:

I had to watch it at 75% speed and pause a bunch, but this was the first thing I’ve made that is an actual something after a square and circle. Thanks a bunch!

Curvalera Source says:

how many “something like that”

R4nsomW4re says:

Well I wish I could have gone along

Ananda Restilia says:


Rustam Kaunas says:

Finally found a channel where the tutor actually explains each step…other channels just put music behind the scene which is just a killer. So thank you!

Fahran Fa'is says:


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