How To Cartoon Yourself !- Step By Step 21 Savage Tutorial ( ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR )

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Jewishsky Desloges says:

… this would be considered stylize not cartoon.
good work though

Shakil Hossain says:

Bro your videos are great.
thank you so much …….

hugedebt says:

Too much detail, the shading, makes him look old.

Chris Wells says:

Dope tutorial bro, very informative. Thanks for sharing the knowledge

RAY YXO says:

love it

Mary DeMarco says:

Loved it!

Fubarfanat3 says:

вапрос а нахуя

Shahriaar M Fahim says:

Literally laughed out loud at how frigging good this guy is.

nolareaper says:


CASSPurr Waspurr says:

for anyone wanting to create cool drawings like these but don’t have adobe or tablets etc. Use the phone app “Adobe Sketch” It’s free and an amazing app to create digital art.

2thekinjaja says:

Can someone do one for me

David Zargaryan says:

this is f*ckin dope man

HipHopLive365 says:

i try to delete the background but its selecting all the lines too?

Phoenix Redd says:

Bro could you do one for me

Sindhu MN says:


TU Jehkanz says:

Try putting an akatsuki uniform thing on a toon

young boss says:

What kinda pen did you use?

MyloMusica says:

can I do this without a pen just a mouse?

Rossi Morey says:

The white Arrow is the “Selection” tool♦

Lamar Lee says:

SUPER talented, my brother.. you’ve just inspired me (a photographer/graphic designer) to get back into AI and try my hand at toons! Subbed to the channel, EASY call.

Joshua Johnson says:

Can pls make one of me

Joseph Gatheright says:

When I tell you I learn so much from you. Dude. Your videos changing my life. I’m going into art like this full time

Lucas Futata says:

amazing work

Andrè Guerra says:

meu Deus cara, você é muito bom !!

Lazizxon Ahmedov says:

if you change the speed to 1.25 , he talks like a normal person

HipHopLive365 says:

all my lines get highlighted when i add the color for the face …idfk.

Black Panda says:

what gear are u using?

CASSPurr Waspurr says:

so talented and amazing! i really love your style

1 Of Da Deepest unfinished rough draft says:

This is a dope video. But what instrumental is that playing in the back ground?

HottRoundzProduction says:

Not my filed but this was dope as hell. You’re a good artist and teacher too

SkitZ GaminG says:

the part at 17:43 cant you just use a eraser and select a colour you want to remove and just erase around the hair and just be careful about the face?

Tore Wisdom says:

wow,well done,,good luck

Mary Velasquez says:

Hey @CHIWORLD1234 how do you change the pencil basic definition to a custom and it stays because on mine it changes back to the basic every time.??? Any ideas let me know

Henrique Sousa says:

That’s some serious GTA san andreas shit right there bro, amazing work

Long Johnson says:

Damn you are fucking good…

nima says:

so dope man

Seikano 3D says:

dope shit bro

Julia Sea says:

you are cool!!! thank’s a lot)


that’s not 21 savage , that’s his father !

Camille Haddad says:


thatdude lilred says:

This is savage

joseph brou-kofie says:

nice work man..

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