How To Cartoon Yourself !- Step By Step Full Video Tutorial ( ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR )

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Collin Creek says:

Question, do you mess with any settings of the digital pad itself first? I’m still terrible, but still inspired to keep trying. Don’t forget me when you’re famous I’ve been with you from the jump, haha! Oh, and still one of my favorite beats of all-time.

Reeesd Dawn says:

Omg I love you so much Bro, Thank you so much

Bouting ART says:

What graphics tablet do you use? please

Black flag says:

very beautiful drawing

Brandon Grimes says:

Hey chi, you gotta have the best art tutorial channel out there man. Just wanna let you know how big a help it’s been getting started with drawing digital. One question, is it easier to close up all the linework with a tablet? When I try with a mouse I have the hardest time getting all the lines to close up so I can merge the objects. I’m getting a tablet soon, so just curious if that’s a side effect of using a mouse being more difficult. Thanks brah

MauriceDub TheMainAttraction says:

Say bro how do you accent pulled back hair?

Anthony McNeil says:

Thank you YouTube for recommending that video. Awesome stuff. I’ve been hesitant to try to draw in Illustrator (even tho I have a tablet) because I’m afraid that it’s going to suck but hopefully I can get to your talent level. Great video…subscribed.

SalviArtz-Intros 5$! says:

make one in procreate please <3 ifwu this shit hard afff

Meach says:

Ay Chiworld, how did you learn to draw as good as you do? You take classes or did you come up on your own. I’m curious, cause I think I’m goin down the same path.

MikeW says:

How do you connect the Wacom Tablet and make sure it is working?

RdzT TROlls says:

We luv u

Jhonnathan Nino says:

Hi, I wanted to ask you a question, I want to start using a digital table to draw like you. Because with the mouse it is more complicated. I would like you to be able to recommend which tablet is good for me as a beginner. I’ve seen the Wacom brand but many people say there are more for the same price of other brands as Ugee among others, but I do not know if they are good and better buy the Wacom. What can you recommend? Greetings from Colombia. And you make excellent videos, thank you.

AwesomeNow 'N'Later says:

I paused the video after you did the hair and immediately did the technique on Adobe Draw and the picture looks better already. Thank you!

Hamra Ahmed says:

please sir do a tutorial on wpap art, please please

Rishal Mammunni says:

@chiworld1234 kindly do a detailed tutorial on illustrator draw (IPAD PRO)

Yuunus couls says:

Please chilword1234 make a tutoriel like this with manga studio

Deidra Elliott says:

thanx for sharing CHIWORLD!!!!! ***** lookin forward to more!!

Bouting ART says:

do a tutorial on how to make shadows please

tinktwiceman says:

Great video! When you’re adding the light and shadows, are you looking at the original image? Thanks bro!

Faisal Lukman says:

After i expand appearance and merge, isolate selection i cant delete the background color. Do the lines have to be all connected?

Adi Tri says:

How to add layers?

WizzerOnDaBeat says:

the man what that dope art work keep up the good work g

pierre jhon-lake says:


Leo says:

What do you do if the person your drawing is blond? How would you go about colouring the hair?

Stephen Rasle says:


Beats by John says:

You’re a great channel man inspired me to start doing the same thing. Anyone wanna check out my stuff @jonsdesigns om Instagram

Aaliyah King says:

Hi I’m a new subscriber and I love Your content, Q: do you mind doing another Procreate tutorial? I need advice on how to do kids in cartoon version. Thanks!

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