How To Cartoon Yourself !- Step By Step /RiceGum Tutorial ( ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR )

if you would like for my to make you a cartoon head like you see in this video i charge $35 DM me on Instagram


DJ Polo says:

You just a subscriber. Nice work my man.

Aakash Manjrekar says:

damn, you sound like 21 savage!

No Place Like Maui Clothing says:

good job bro. what tablet did u use with this


hace no puedo como explicar claro mas 7:31

Don Devon says:

man this was dope

CohEnterprises Multimedia says:


Leena Husa says:

superb work!

Francesdanae says:

Omgahhh i want oneeee

chengwu meng says:

So good !

Lifa Junior says:

You make it look so easy

Armin Trepic says:

shits fucking fire man!

ZaydaRae Zimmerman says:

how do i get you to draw me one omlllllll your amazing!!

Zeek Street says:

man with the first stroke of your pen I was hooked…. talent from a black man equals soul


Pretty dope, i use adobe draw app it does the same thing really just a little easier!

MB FLY says:

Hey how are you doing , i really like your channel , Let’s grow together!
Sub to me and I’ll sub to u!

الزتونه في الانجلش says:

niggas are smart

Robert Jackson says:

Preciate yu bro! You taught me some fye stuff man in detail!

The Channel says:

your cheating, do it with your mouse then post a video!

Xan - Tastik says:

Bruh ricegum, cmon g you slippin

United Traders Fx says:

you are a fucking amazing ‘god woow

Sukrawinata Sukrawinata says:

do it

José Netto says:

Really cool how to! Thanks for sharing!

C says:

Click Merge…so they can become 1. IDK why that shit was funny to me lmfao

donte champion says:

Amazing work! This truly inspire me to do better! Thank you

Krupz says:

good vid !!

I Da Papi says:

which brush is he using?

Jmaxx91 says:


Anthony Calixto says:


ユゆうや says:

we finally found shoper ahah he became a youtuber as well ‘one piece”?

Techup Yash says:

please tell me what kind of hardware for your using for this, what that pen kind of thing

Jarrod Cleveland says:

Is that background music the lullaby from Chrono Trigger? Respect.

lilivan23q says:

extremely talented! Pushed me to give it a try haha. I’ll give it a go and send it through to you once it’s done! How long does it take you on average?

Jo. Mo says:

Super nice.

ŁÚŁ WØŁF says:

Can you make me one please

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