How to Create Cartoon Animation | After Effects & Illustrator Workflow Tutorial

Creating cartoon or traditional animation can be a very exciting project to work on! However, there are two major skillsets you need to know. How to design vector graphics and how to do animation. This requires the software of After Effects and Adobe Illustrator. This Cartoon animation tutorial will help get you jump started in the middle of animation.

► Cartoon Animation After Effects Templates:
– Pixity Land:
– Cartoon Explainer Toolkit:

► 1000 Motion Presets to SPEED UP your animation workflow:

► More Tutorials on Cartoon Animation:
– Vector Icon Animation:
– Halloween Cartoon Scene:

► Download Free Illustrator Vectors Here:
– Characters I used:
– Autumn Scene I used:

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Geoffrey Mahugu says:

Awesome video

Digital Arts By Pavan Pai says:

Very Nice tutorial on animation

Danny's Art says:

You can also do it on Photoshop
Check out my animation.
It just takes for ever.

BANTO says:

Will this help me to use because Adobe Photoshop CC that we animate with my school project lags a ton and makes it a bit frustrating to keep animating in and uses 24GB of my 32GB RAM !
Seems Adobe Photoshop only uses about 1 core for animation so it lags like crazy and my animation is only 15 sec long

emarie arana says:

after I click on layered comp and double click my background scene, my .ai layers do not show. It’s just the ai file, and under is transform, with anchor point, position, scale etc showing. What am I doing wrong?

Devin Rumer says:

Wow, amazing video. Your cadence, the background music, your simple explanations, thank you for the help!

creative blissmarcom says:

We can create this on Power point easily.

Whiskey Jack says:

You sir, are my god damn hero.

Nina Fauzi says:

that was perfect, thank you for this!

Adil Qatine says:

fast in jump by mouse we cannot folow you

JCgamerboy says:

Can I also use photoshop instead of illustrator?

paul omondi says:

Yup, I knew this already


Great tutorial , Thank you so much bro.

Dave Blvnko says:

damn after effects is complicated

Taiwaneverything says:

Love this stuff. Thanks for explaining in such detail. Easy to follow.

Yano Motoharu says:

Nice Video,
did you also animated the movements of the clouds and sun, or was they already animated?

Mirage Work says:

Thanks Great tutorial

Asif Iqbal says:

It’s very good tutorial

SonduckFilm says:

Be sure to check out the many After Effects templates on Cartoon Animation if you are looking to save time or if you need professional results ASAP! Animated Templates here:

Ayman Assaf says:

oh man when you say free templates please make sure its free like freepik not like envato its not free at all indeed nothing is free in envato u are promoting to envato not more regards

Cameron Burnham says:

You’re amazing! I have always wanted to animate and now I might be able to achieve that dream!

commodore256 says:

If it’s a vector cutout puppet, it’s not traditional. Cutout animation is a recent thing and it really started in south park.

Traditional=Hand drawn. the 12 Laws of Animation, People call them “Principles”, but they’re laws.

Squash & Stretch, Anticipation, Staging, Straight Ahead Action & Pose to Pose, Follow Through & Overlapping Action, Slow In & Slow Out, Arcs, Primary & Secondary Action, Timing & Spacing, Exaggeration, Solid drawing and Appeal. Why is it most people that teach “traditional animation” online can’t animate on paper? Not to say you shouldn’t use tools, tools are useful, but you shouldn’t be a tool of your tool. There are actual traditional animators that use a Wacom and TVPaint, but their most important skills are in hand drawn animation, not in TV Paint, so if they were stuck in the 1950’s, they could probably work for Disney, they’re skilled in doing animation, not moving puppets around. Today’s Cutout puppet animators wouldn’t even been good enough for Hanna-Barbera at their cheapest.

Creative Satires says:

Thank you so much for making this it helped me so much

Clutch Hawks says:

So basicaly you have to kill yourself.

Boss Timing says:

How to create a 4k cartoon What are you use the program?

Queen Anala Ng says:

My channel is ready but I don’t know how to do it

RedOwl Infographics says:

Adobe Illustrator and Aftereffects are the best tools out there for 2D key-frame animation. After you learn the basics, possibilities are endless. Best thing about it is you can develop your own style of illustrating and animating which makes your work unique! I self studied these two softwares for more than two years and now I’m gradually working on building my own channel with a unique style. 🙂

John Markz says:

Imiss flash 5.. almost d same

LittleKing Archery says:

Why not simply click on each group and choose “Release to Layers (Sequence)” ?

Sona Punjab says:

thanks Sir i was finding the tutorials of After Effect and Adobe premiere thanks for this videos… i want the full tutorials…

Maikäferin says:

Helpful video, thank you! (only the bright light behind you is a little bit distracting)

sorrybaeix says:

Can you animate using your own drawings?

dreamtransmissions says:

Wow, I didn’t even realize this kind of animation was possible in After Effects, and you summed up how to do it so quickly and efficiently. Like honestly the amount of useful knowledge you dropped here I’ve seen classes take several weeks to get through.

Rigels Kurushi says:

Can you do the same thing but using Photoshop in place of Illustrator???

Trojanette83 says:

Where exactly is Savernake Forest located in UK.

Jhas kydding says:

your quote in last part “And it’s always, Be creative” is Cinecom’s quote! but yet your tutorial is amazing

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