How To Create Custom Type Designs in Adobe Illustrator

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a custom typography design. Usually text styles like this would be lettered by hand, but in this tutorial I’ll share some secrets on how you can still create cool looking typography by customising ready-made fonts with clever OpenType features. The tutorial will then continue with some customisation of the type to add shadows, offset accents and highlights to create a bright and colourful text effect.

Bonbon Script Font:

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215911911 says:

That doesn’t work don’t purchase the font from them

xX_DubstepLord_Xx :3 says:

‘Give the originals a white fill to make them visible again, against the black offset.’ I click white fill and EVERYTHING turns white…. what am I doing wrong? Anyone figure this out?!?!

Brandon Fox says:

Would love to see a tutorial on how to make lettering appear like 3D printed letters exactly like you’ve shown “Madame Bonbon” with the chocolates all around.

Edward Yue says:

This is great!

dreefa111 says:

EXCELLENT, thankss a lot

EssCee96 says:

You beautiful genius.

Mary-Anne Glynatsis says:

Amazing new design – LOVE IT …. Love your work !!

Jose Nelson Amaya Castaneda says:

You make everything look so simple! you are so pro!

Danny Rawlins says:

Awesome work mate! Thank you!!

M Marquez says:

Your are a fucking dumbass, so fucking fast.

Siena Lesher says:


Lily Pugliese says:

Your voice goes down at the end of every sentence, i cant even focus on the video

Jacinda Lacroix says:

This is amazing. How much do you charge to create a simple minimal font for me? Hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you very much.

Cairo Murphy says:

$70 for a font lmao.

Hamid Mahmodykia says:

very good

It's Dubstep says:


DillonF says:

Do the cheetos font

IAm BecomePoetry says:

If i do this method, could it be counted as a custom font that can be used commercially?

vinayak says:

awesome work dude

Maxwell Kwarteng says:

Is anyone else getting the WIX logo in the upper left corner of the video???

MurkOne Destroyer says:

thank you!!!

Rich says:

My stroke panel has nothing but the stroke weight. How do i fix this?

ivan riobla says:

at the end your outline looks bigger..  how is that? 7:10 ?

Manjinder Singh says:

Learnt a lot .. Thanks

Amrullah Fathurrahman says:

Opened my eyes to learn more about AI. thumbup!

Karol gu says:

co KURWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spoon Graphics says:

Love this design? Get the t-shirt!

Sun Dera says:


Luca Zizioli says:

Wow!!! That’s great! thank you so much!

Hello World says:

You rocks!

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