How to Create Realistic 3D Fur Effect in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Hello world, In this video, we will learn how to create realistic 3d furry letters in Illustrator using blend tool and one another tool for the final touch.
Here I made a letter ‘D’ as in Devil but you can come up with anything you like. try various colors. but Just remember, USE THE COLORS WISELY. Subtle gradients will do the charm.
Keep the backdrop simple as the infinite backdrops in use to be in photography. It is just for presentation, you should think creatively if it requires.

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Abdur Rahman says:


Maryam Samadi says:

This is awesome!

Dimitrios Karagiannis says:

Amazing what sou can so with Illustrator! Short, informativ and extreme valuable. Tons of thanks

Wiktor Liszkiewicz says:


Ms Simpson says:


Phani Aytha says:

i didn’t find release compound path in my adobe illustrator

Trap Point O says:

Nice dost very good vdo

Krishna Bhatt says:

Suprb bro…:-)

Sheikh Muhammad Adnan says:


quinn says:

As soon as I saw this fluffy cute letter, I knew I had to make it mine!

Mishi166 says:

My triangles don’t get fluffy but weird and jagged 🙁

언제나웃음 says:

Amazing and beautiful 3D Effect!
Thank share your skills!

Jack Cheong says:

NICE this is funny and amazing!

Amena Hamed says:


jenjerx says:

Okay your videos as far as i’ve seen is exactly what i’ve seen from Adobe recently…simply well put and provoke inspirational mindset in a matter of minutes or less that’s quality!
should be praised more on that buddy! deeply appreciate it.

S.M MUNNU says:

awesome …sir……i like you sir

Gui_lhrm says:

Furtastic! And very helpful fur sure!

Sam Marquis says:

Thanks for the tutorial. Despite your choice in music, it’s always very informative and a great way to see what the tools in AI can do for you.

Carefully Careless says:

Nice Creation’s

Fissvor Younes says:

This is awesome! Thank you

Abdur Rahman says:

A lot of things for learning here.

Дмитрий Павлов says:

Круто! Cool

Anne Mena says:

awesome channel! Thank you!

Jason Harries says:

Great tutorial, very cool effects I never knew about. Thank you.

laurent lefort says:

very good man. Thank you again.

Alex Monterville says:

R u kidding me.. this is awesome. Love blends but had no idea it was so easy to make something so cool looking this easy.

Виктория Норд says:

As if a wet kitten had been drained with a hairdryer.

Naijtips says:

you are a wizard

3D Designer By Thapa says:

Very nice bro

saeed roozbahani says:

very nice

THE RAIN says:

awesome !!

Video2Learn says:

very open comment. if you did voice over you are the best illustrator in this youtube academy. think about it.

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