How to design a logo with golden Ratio #2 | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

How to design a logo with golden Ratio #2 | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial.

Hello everyone and thank you for supporting me and encouraging me to make more videos.

Many of you asked me to make another golden ratio tutorial, and I already planned to make a series of theme, maybe once a month.

So I decided today to show you how to make a logo design using the golden circles.
In the previous Golden Ratio Tutorial, I started by making a Fibonacci rectangle where the ratio is
approximately 1.618.
Today we will make a perfect golden rectangle where the ratio is always exactly equal to 1.618,
and I will show you a very easy way to directly make the golden circles, then we will use the circles to grid our logo, which is based on a sketch that I already made.

I hope you enjoy the video, and if you are willing to make the same logo, you are free to download the sketch and the colors from the link below, and please share your design with me on my Facebook page.

Thank you!!

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Zainab says:

You explain so well and your work is always amazing! hope more is coming! 🙂

Abdullah Dajani says:


Abd Elmoniem Elsheikh says:

انت مبدع وفنان شرحك واضح وجميل لكن اتمنا تنزل ترجمه عربي مع الفيديو بحيث تكون الامور أسهل

LemonsGraphics - Illustrator says:

Great Tutorial! Very detailed and your sentences were put together well!

Shariq Shahbaz says:

I love your videos. I have one question though, how can i sketch like you?

Ali KILIÇ says:


oOcitizenOo says:

I would also like you to try designing a logo of something that has sharp edges in real life with a golden ratio. I mean, the fish is ok but it is easier to design it comparing to the RV for example (in case we create logo for RV online shop, it’s just a random example and i know golden ration doesn’t match to this task)

Anyway, thnx a lot for tutorial

S. Terry says:

Awesome tutorial mate, thanks a bunch.

WouterZtube says:

Nice design work, but changing the size of the circles makes it not a golden ratio design…

Mateorradoren says:


harry harish says:

Good job bro… Clear & crystal..

dadhvader says:

Here for the birds

Wandy Polanco says:

Gracias por tu tutoriales me encantas como explicas todo. pero puedes hablar en español ? seria mejor para nosotros que vemos y aprendemos de usted.

Maulana Arif says:

did you using Voice Reader program? Just like “google translate sound”? But it’s better…

Rick Nijboer says:

Do you have an app that is similar to this computer Programm that is free. And by the this is an amazing fish.

Eric Del Laurel says:


asmaa ibrahim says:

really meny thanks for your amazing way keep on…… im waiting your tutorials

Hamza Mirza says:

thank you for your videos


good work…nice tutorial..:)

Ahmed Zayed says:

Amazing Videos with a Very Promising Potential to Be A Series !
Yet I’ve Question to our talented friend, Is their any Golden Ratio Techniques other than using the Circles Method ?
I know it’s straight, simple and leading to Unique Designs but I believe it could be more Techniques based on Golden Ratio But With more deferent or more complex details for Design Tasks Requires Depth or Even Hard surface objects

ToXiKoRe - says:

I just love your voice. so calm and fluent .. <3

Sabir Ali says:

easy steps but very powerful video to understand golden ratio Technic. Thanks for amazing tutorial

Alejo Sanchez Goitia says:

love your tutorials, they are amazing and so easy to understand. thanks!

Ali Hayder says:

Waw waw waw

Anthony Bell says:

Великолепное видео, спасибо 🙂


ممتاذ جدا وارئع .. شكرآ ليك
انت مصري .؟

Iron Will says:

please continue it i love the golden ratio tutorials

jhon Yama says:

You could display shortcuts, me ayudaría mucho

Dap Lu says:

Your video is very good, i’m hope your channel having more sub and looking forward the next your video !! Good job man :)))

Anne Crew says:

Maybe someday you could post how you conceptualize your logos and sketches. Hihi.

Aravinth Diliban says:

I love and watch each and every video and you have a great taste of color and design…. Keep Youtubing .. U Rock

KinanDev says:

رائع اخي الكريم.اتمنى منك دورة للمبتدئين بتبسيط الاساسيات
طريقتك متميزة في عمل الفيديوهات وفقك الله

Tamer Tamer says:

i wrote this comment before watching this tutorial video
i know it will be great, thank u

Justin Hollaway says:

I LOVE THIS!!!! I think you should keep this going for sure.

Bert Miles says:

Wow nice tutorial sir. But can i ask you something about the robot voice record. What app you use for voice like anonymous voice for android and ios ok please give me a link thank you very much Godbless

McEgypt1 says:

Awesome tutorial… Actually I want to ask you about the software which you are recording with, what’s its name?

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