How to design a logo with golden Ratio | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

How to design a logo with golden Ratio | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial.

Many designers search for a good tutorial about golden ratio and how to use it in logo design, I was searching for it before and I found a hard time to find good resources but there is never the good explained video.

So, today, I tried my best to explain how to use the golden ratio in logo design and how to make a logo using golden circles.

I will make many other videos related to this topic and I will explain how to use the different golden ratio method, like the golden spiral.

In this tutorial I will show you:
How to make the golden rectangle.
How to extract the golden circles from it.
How to use the golden ratio to design a logo directly on illustrator.
How to use the golden ratio to grid a sketch and make a perfect logo design.

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Shivkant Baghel says:

Hey Mohamed Achraf
Tutorial was awesome, I have simple query do you have any idea how to make ( these types of logos.
mens in circle connected through their shoulders. I have added the image in url.

Takevektor Channel says:


Pizza Totino's Boy says:

REKT angle

eddie4367 says:

Well put together video and very informative. Well done.

Vignesh A Vgn says:

Is this Avnish Parker ??

Omair Amanat says:

That is a very nice tutorial, and I learned a lot. The tool & the theory. Thanks man. Keep good work up!


great tutorial

Ed Quijano says:

In the name of the whole watchers YOUTUBE students from the MA channel, I’m honored to give you the mention with THE OUTSTANDING GENEROSITY ALPHA PROFESSOR for your Illustrator teachings and contribution to the general Youtubers public.

Quenya Sindarin says:

I saw this in my recommendations. I’m no logo maker but I’m not disappointed. It’s oddly satisfying to watch

oOcitizenOo says:

You’re the only one who showed basics that anyone can understand. THNX for tutorial
But how for example would image with golden ratio something like laptop sketch!?)

Pieter Douglas says:

Nice tutorial, you sound like Daniel UK

Archicago says:

excellent tutorial, sound, image, comment quality perfect and so professional, you make muslims proud brother thank you !

KiqDesigns says:

this is absolutely genius

Mochizuki Fubuki says:

Great logo, annoying birds. I had to watch it muted

Debopriyo Basu says:

This is like magic!

Mukesh Kumar says:


Meianju Naihatsu says:

This video is excellent. You start from the very basic and go all the way trough the process. You are an excellent master. Wish I had found this video weeks ago would have saved me alot of time and pain.

Justin Hollaway says:

I loved everything about this video. Thanks for sharing this.

Mohamed Refaat says:

Great video, thanks mate!

Zeg Zezon says:

I just Liked and Subscribed

Taha Alabyed says:

Thnx for this amazing tutorial ♥

Xenon says:

With the Shape Builder Tool… Shape Builder Tool !! Dude I’ll have nightmares with these words :))))
Awesome tutorial, though! Thanks bro!

Joshua Rage says:

This audio spectrum is very distracting

Natalha Santos says:

thank you very much!

Fahad King says:

I bet he is sitting in the jungle

TopNootch says:

Wow, I love hearing the narrator’s voice, the birds tweeting, and the owl hooting… <3 woah 😮

by the way, what Voice narrator software did you use for the Video? Please tell me. 😀

Alejandro Guerra says:

Arigatou, Gyro…

CptTeemoOnMoody says:

wow! Thank you so much for the info! Great Video!

TopNootch says:

Uhhh, I have a quick question…. how can I duplicate the object?

Eduardo Bergami says:

Perfect Thanks!

Anne-Marie van Dijk says:

Great tutorial! One question though: what if the original artwork is better than the golden ratio version (I prefer your sketch over the golden ratio version)? Is it still better to use the golden ratio version as opposed to the original artwork? i.e. are logos using the golden ratio that much more powerful even if the original artwork looks better? Thanks!

Alejandro Ortiz says:


Pruthvi Panchani says:


Augusto Rock says:

I will try it next time

Cesar Dainezi says:

As a mathematician, I am sorry to tell you that those circles are not in a golden ratio relation. They are actually proportional to the Fibonacci sequence. If is that what you want, ok, but they are yet far to have rations close to the Golden Ratio, since you are in the very beginning of the Fibonacci sequence. In fact, they ratios are 1:2:3:5:8 and 8/5 = 1.6. It’s a very poor approximation. And 3/2 = 1.5 is even worse.

Khoo Teng Kwang says:

You could make a true golden rectangle by making a square, then make a circle with its center aligned to bottom side of the square (and aligned to the center of the square as well). The circumference of the circle should be big enough to touch the corners of the square furthest from the center of the circle. You can then just duplicate the square and extend it till it touches the circumference of the circle.

mansi rastogi says:

Very nicely explained!

izihbo says:

At first I was a little annoyed with the speech-o-bot, I would’ve preferred a real person talking, but it turned out to be an amazing tutorial anyway =)

But consider using your own voice in the future – if you have one of course, if you’ve lost your voice or something I understand =P

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