How to Draw a Swoosh in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

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This is a tutorial that goes over how to draw a swoosh inside Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial has a focus on the thought process that goes into making a swoosh for a script of your choice, as well as the tools and techniques that go into making your swoosh look great!

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Kem McNair says:

Could you please take a breath once in awhile. Its very annoying. it’s like playing a lead guitar solo and never playing a rest. or a dramatic pause. I guess you edited out every breath you took for the whole video. I know you don’t talk like that in real life or everyone would be telling you to shut up all the time! but the video is good!

Jenny Wakeandbake says:

I love my bamboo, thanks for the updated inexpensive tablet options

FollowMeSalsa says:

would i have to hold down control option on a mac to get the smooth tool?

Althea Smith says:

can someone help me get started on illustrator .do you teach it?

Kindred Spirit TV says:

I have a question about adobe illustrator. I was using the font Minion regular then my customer wanted me to change to Impacted regular. Upon switching all my quotations on left side of word are upside down and backwards

Brian Lourds says:

This tutorial is great!
Question: I just started AdobeIllustrator, mind linking me basics,a look around and very basic tutorials to get started?

BionicCorndog says:

@6:55 the reason there is a corner is because the anchor points weren’t done as well as they could have been. After placing each anchor, you reset its handle and make it a corner on the opposite side. You will almost always have even the slightest kink in your line when you do this. You must keep both handles continuous to make a nice smooth path.

bQLStudio says:

thank youuuu 😀

Lisa Irby says:

Great tutorial!

Onetakepjy says:

what font??

Cody Preston says:

all of your videos are insanely informative and straight to the point. many other youtube videos become almost hard to follow because of subject changes or off topic comments. I actually created this account just to tell you how much i enjoy your videos and how much i learn from all of them. keep up the great work!

Bipsan thapa says:

I like this video

supajb1 says:

I’m sure you hear this often but you are the man Matt!!! Thanks bro.! I subscribed

Vin Diesel says:

Hey thanks a lot for the monoprice tablets info, and this tutorial is also great! thumbs up!

VR says:

Amazing tutorial. i love it.

how to get the black shadow effect like in the final finished design like in the video preview. hope you will help me.

Koray BAKIR says:


Osher Ezra says:

Great job keep it up, Do you use the pen tool with the tablet or just with your mouse ?

Dena McCain says:

Thanks so much for this tutorial. It was truly helpful.

LongTo says:

Simple,easy,fast you get my subscribed thank mate you help me alot 😀

sir2633 says:

Wonderful!!!! Very helpful.


i warped my text and now it wont unite

Luke Ward says:

yuss thankyou

Sandra says:

Hi, what’s the name of the font you used for the swoosh.

Ankur Golwa says:

Can someone please help me out with how to zoom like Alt+scroll in illustrator with a wacom tablet ? In Ps its done by pressing down the Z and moving the pen left and right.

J Carson says:

Excellent Tutorial. Liked and Subscribed. Thanks.

James Miller says:

I have a bamboo (:

A LO says:

Thanks, Matt! It’s cool for me!

홍예 says:

Amazing tutorial! Thank you!

Susan A. Lennon says:

I recently learned that I can use my iPad as a tablet with the Astropad app. It works very well, that said, I haven’t used it in Illustrator yet. Thanks for the great tutorial!

RedShift Tutorials says:

Wow, I tend to just stick to Photoshop and have never actually used Illustrator but I found that was a very easy tutorial to follow, definitely going to be using Illustrator more from now often. Plus you’ve just gained a sub 🙂

screwge84 says:

Fantastic tutorial. Quick, to the point and very well explained!

Ian Robinson says:

As a beginner, that was definitely the best illustrator tutorial vid I have seen and I have been slugging through a lot lately. I feel like I have hit a break through. Thanks so much Matt!

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