How to Learn to Shade – My Way (Adobe Illustrator) Illustrator Tutorial for Beginners

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soNnyy1337 says:

Hey man, I really like your stuff it’s kinda unique and really helpful for beginners. I would like to know which graphic tablet do you use? Thanks and keep doing this genius stuff!

longvalleyfilms says:

Thank you!! Please more tutorials like these!

CD5 FILMS says:

No lie man his tutorials really help me understand the process of drawing

I Love You says:

I clicked this so quick lmao

sosseri says:

Just curious, do u ever use curvature tool to shade?

Anantshree Bist says:

You’re the reason I understood the best method of coloring vector brother. Keep it up man!

sosseri says:


Giovani Linton says:

Thanks for the continuous heat bro , you’ve helped me improved my artwork a lot keep up the good work

Serpent says:

Can u fix this problem i have with the paint tool? Whenever i paint it acts as if its the pen tool and adds points and idk how to get red of it

Vicente Dagnino says:

bro i swear this why you the goat

exusproductions says:

Can you do a Tutorial on how to draw Faces? would really appreciate

Cosmic Fx says:

Your tutorials are the best

Atsuyoo Lellouche says:

Thank’s !! I think I’m gonna try to draw with your tutorial ! I’ve made some grim art Thank’s to you, love ya Chi “keep creative”!

Brioxl says:

I appreciated you did the voice over for the extra new layer thing

Sainath Shetti says:

Which digital artboard is good…?

Jay P says:

Love the work, and the Instrumental is Dope. FL studio? Thanks for all you do, and keep em coming, Online mentor !

The Bringer of Rain says:

Let’s see some heat with UI Goku. I saw that pic. Burn it up


Aye man can this also work on ur phone cuz like Ik how to do them Buhh I want them to look like urs

Nana Botelho says:


I Love You says:

Amazing video this helps me a ton

Alex Pino says:

Good stuff, this is what we need!!

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