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A.W.O.L Filmz A Way Out Da Life says:

Can you do one with making a video with movement

Keshyra Smith says:

Thank you so much!! I was trying to figure out how to do this myself earlier and it was a hot ass mess

LyKhAnXD says:

When I go into isolation mode to delete, no colors are left behind even tho I merged the rectangle and line work. I’m still left with the line work and zero color

System Of A Pawn says:

amazing stuff !

Seb Gorecho says:

at first i can choose pressure, but when i create a new brush, i cant choose pressure again, what happen?

Kørin says:

i always do the first steps right but after i setup the pressure on my brush, my brush size is like fat as hell! even at like 0.1 pt PLEASE HELPPPPP!

Ramazan Gadzhiyev says:

Cant press presure , shows it like its inactive

Chuck Marshall says:

Great tutorial, and THANKS for showing how you get it all set up!

KjellyOTV says:

every time I merge my linework with the skin tone, it turn’s black, can someone finna help me

Jacob Thosago says:


ManyFacedGawd says:

LITTTTTTTT, man how u get them lines to be so perfect? Mine be all crooked lol.

Resinds .P says:

drawing with a mouse is much better

Anna F says:

For the pressure sensitivity I can’t get mine to work. I’m using a surface with a stylist and I see the pressure setting it shows up but the ends are pointed like yours. When I press hard the line does get bigger it’s just I don’t get the sharp edges and I don’t know why.

MrDjhellrell415 says:

need one of myself … hit me with an email to reach you

Boogii Boog says:

amazing! on another level with your art skills

Tabitha Yeatts says:

Ive rewatched this video like 17 times XD And I cannot for the life of me cartoon myself. maybe its my line work but I cant get it to where I like it. you got skills my guy keep up the good work

Siyabonga Mntambo says:

You the best man…. big ups

Benson Riddler says:

bad tutorial, you skip things and leave people wondering how you did it !

tyrone norman says:

my drawing only colors in sections of the artwork not the entire thing. what am i doing wrong?

Sohaib says:

What if we don’t have Pen-Tool??

Pablo L Sánchez says:

Nice tutorial! Have you ever use an iPad Pro?
I borrowed a Wacom tablet from my local library and I’m going through a learning curve.
I’m accustomed using my iPad Pro and prefer it over Wacom.

Pisces Pisces Illustrations says:

I love it!

Leno Lopez says:

Your artwork is nice and I like the tutorials , Only problem I’m having is when I go to merge the layers it just all turns into whatever color I made the shape and that’s it.

Oochee Wally Wally says:

Im so happy i found your channel. just what i needed. lord, thank you. i was using Adobe Fuse for some character creations…. thank you.

David Leonard says:

man. You killed that fade! I didn’t how you were going to pull that off.

Yoman Ghost's says:

Tes vidéo son juste magnifique dommage que j’ai pas le logiciel 🙁

Impisheight4 - Gaming And Tutorials says:

Wich software are you using for editing your videos? subbed btw 🙂

Resinds .P says:

Jesus drawing is so difficult

Mara Althea Dimaculangan says:

pressure option is grayed out on my AI? please help, thanks

Paul Fisher Media says:

thanks for droppin heat on these hoes

KFOSSU99 says:

would you be able to create a separate eyebrow tutorial?

Yudhi Haman says:

how to define a shadow point ?

Jae Jordan says:

what tablet are you using

Agnes Zongo says:


Shian flower says:

I can’t get the strokes like how u had it.. I need help

isa arif says:

Hey man, I have a surface book, which is touch screen and has a pen. I have done exactly what you instructed when setting up the brush. Everything works except the pointed edges, mine are still round and I’m not sure how to get it. I have literally setup the brush 100 times and cant get it.

Intelligence 47 says:

Please can you make cartoon of my picture in new design

Andrei Ionut says:

your tracing is impeccable

exhornet says:

what drawing tablet are you using? I’m trying to get familiar with illustrator to improve my logos. I’ve been using photoshop for about 18 years now.

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