How to Make a Linocut Look with Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Creative Cloud

Learn how to use the Pen and Blend tools to create rhythmic line work in your illustrations.

Start from scratch, or download practice files [] for a head start. Steps below.

1. Draw two paths with the Pen tool.
Tip: Click to create the first point. Click and drag to create additional points with handles. Release the mouse button and drag in the direction you want the curve and click to complete the path. Press Return (or Enter) when you’re finished, then repeat to create a second path.
2. In the Stroke panel, adjust line weight and assign a width profile to taper the strokes.
Tip: This example uses a 3pt weight and Width Profile 1.
3. Choose the Blend tool. Click one path, and then the other, to make a third path appear between them.
4. In the Tools panel, double click the Blend tool icon to open Blend Options. For Spacing choose Specified Steps, then enter 12 for the number of steps.
5. Choose the Direct Selection tool. Drag the end points of one path to match the corresponding end points of the second path. Adjust as needed.

That’s it!

To learn more, visit our Illustrator Tutorials page:



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kishor kumar says:

Thank u
Pls upload this type videos Photoshop and illustrator

nguyen ngoc says:

Really useful, thanks

Yazid Albasthomi says:

Amazing 3 minute inspiration

Hardik Lakhalani says:

Good for leaves. But this doesn’t work everytime. Especially when there is a long gap between both. Illustrator goes crazy in calculating blend shape..

Helen Helen says:

That was really cool!

Simon Blackmore says:

With access to a laser cutter you could output the illustrator file and make a block for ink printing your own images, paper or fabric. High tech to low tech.

Prianka prian says:

WOW… nice vidio….. oh i am a freelancer. You can check it-

The Noman Ahmed says:

Very nicely and easily done 🙂 I love these 1 minute short videos. would love to see more of these

Jeffy jeff says:

Best tutorial ever. 1 minute. Clean and simple.

NetTubeUser says:

FANTASTIC! Thank you very much for this beautiful video tutorial!

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Oscar Obians says:

Simply stunning

Al Foote III says:

Really cool tip!

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MagAnd A says:

Im usually not impressed with these kinds of videos, but this is certainly an exception.

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Zaur Alizadeh says:

very easy teaching… thanks, adobe

Abu Taher says:

That’s very helpful. Gonna try it out

arbaz bagwan says:

Can you make video for ISOMETRIC view

m. richards says:

I thought the blend tool didn’t work properly with variable width strokes? When was this fixed?

Ammar Midani says:

would like to see art Deco lines style

ctlnaaia71 says:

Love all these videos!!!

OntheFront says:

If only you guys made this program affordable to people besides students

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unbelievable how easy it is 😮

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