How to Make a Logo in Illustrator

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In this episode, I go over how to create a typographical logo in illustrator! This tutorial is for everyone, so if you’ve never used illustrator before don’t worry, I cover all the basics.

This tutorial comes from my complete Illustrator Quickstart Course which you can check out here:



Wagner says:

that was a fucking waste of my time.

Drew Spinoso says:

You sound like Jeff Goldblum lol

drinfernogh says:

I’m sorry, but this is a conceptual nightmare. Is anyone with me?

william gupton says:

Man you blew my mind..iam new to this and you explain things so well..all it did was make me want more..thanks i also subscribe too..give me more on basic..

william gupton says:

I like how u did da red logo that was fire

RiceCream says:

just a question. is it best to design your logo on paper and scanned it on then traced/vector it on illustrator?

Md Rakib Hossain says:

I like this idea so much! Only great people can do this .i make some design watch anyone see this desing click here

Alicia Gomez says:

For some reason the trial of Suitcase I dowlowaded does not give me the option to create a smart set and Illustrator doesnt give me the option Extensions –> Extensis, the only option I have is “Find Extensions on Exchange..” help!!! 🙁

mathew freistadt says:

this sucks

Alece Collins says:


Natalie Al-Ashi says:

Title is different from content!

Mix Graphics Art says:

i visited your this video and your website. very wonderfully. A++++ Rating.

Don Liciano says:

terrible …

I Da Papi says:

It was a simple font editing video. I really appreciate it though. I’m new to the software

Fishingtoys says:

dude you put me to sleep with the font bs.

Krittivas Gagat says:

Just a piece of shit…. Totally wastage of time worst video ever

los pistola says:

after watching loads of videos your was the best dude, thanks

Chaya Taylo says:

thanks so much for your valuable input to a newbie.

Ali Ali says:

Love it

pofrani says:

This is STUPID!

Oscar Frias Rivas says:

Anybody have any other alternatives to illistrator that are free wouls appriciate if someone would give me any suggestions.

Birk Bergdahl says:

First, we have to follow a 5 min setup to download the source file. Then when I press download I can’t even download the file. If you are gonna make such a process of it. You better make sure it works god dammit. You have my dislike and no subscription!

edo tensei says:

you look like Brett Maverick ( a youtuber / blogger)

Faiq Javed says:

Why does this video have 4K likes? It’s only a 5 minute ad + a lesson on changing fonts. Gotta look somewhere else for logos.

Muhd Hafizudeen says:

More like how to use fonts in Illustrator…

Simon Rolfe says:

Too long winded, Kelvin, mate.

Elias Miguel Villalba Gonzalez says:

Hey, do you make logos as a service?

Fido Carreño says:

Tardaste 7 minutos en abrir un proyecto. Eres muy aburrido y lento.

Saksham Shrestha says:

how to make your own logo:
1. draw a beautiful logo in a paper
2. take a pic of it and open it in illustrator
3. trace it using the pen tool
4. color it, give it some effects


that great video to download adove illustrator
go that link::-

Lori G says:

Hello awesome description I a newbie in GD school starting out boy I wish you were my teacher :). Thank you

How to Graphic Design says:

What are the different styles in graphics that one can follow while using Adobe Illustrator CC? Please any help would be great…

Danny Hengel says:

Holy shit. The shilling is strong with this one. Nice pad you got though.

Dean Hankin says:

5 minutes of nothing

Design Theory says:

i have learned a lot from u . i have also tried some logos please see and suggest me. thank you

Hambone says:

you autistic fuck


thanks for these ideas..

Mohammad Sadat says:

Spending way too much time talking about fonts. Not helpful at all.


thank you so much

Galaxy Gamer says:


Георги Колев says:

Village person, 10 minutes in and I`m still watching how a 100 bucks program works!
I guess, u need to have money to be able to create a logo

KalibMediaKids says:

In adobe CC where is the extension menu? How can I get this extension?

Andre Erving says:

I must say this is a pointless video to have a million views. What a waste of 30 minutes.

Muhammad Zafar says:
watch my latest video of creating logo in illustrator

ramble 420 says:

time wst

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