How to make a Technology Background with Brushes – Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Create with these brushes beautiful technology illustrations and other technical elements. Learn how to create Technical Brushes,
how to work with Pattern Brushes, and how to Design Technology Elements. Graphic Design Tutorial.

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Check out this tutorial and find some helpful stuff:

Final Vector file:



Misuchi Mimota says:

Thank you so much.This video is great tutorial ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Bichout Zed says:

Your lessons are excellent and wonderful and I am honored to follow your lessons on your wonderful channel

Es'ad Kılıç says:

Thanks.. =)

kyle agana says:

This is incredible!Amazing job my man, thank you for this!

Bob Donnelly says:

great tutorial

bougnat says:

thanks to you, I jump into the world of ADOBE, it is wonderful, very pretty, GRAND MERCI

Prafulla Joshi says:

many thanks!

Digital Software says:


Alwin22 says:

Honestly your tutorial are really precious for design students like us, they help me a lots in weekly assignments at school. Many thanks. 🙂

akshar Printer says:

your tutoril is very good

Said Koçak says:

… amazing thank you

B Gunter says:

Excellent and inspiring work and tutorial !!!!!!

Thomas Garner says:

Hi nice tutorial on high tech backgrounds. Question: once the project is done, how do you export just the areas with in the clipping mask, to jpeg for example?

Lịch Cao says:


Abdusshakoor Sha says:

Your creativity is amazing and so are your tutorials. I enjoyed watching this. Kudos to all your endeavors.

Luís Miguel says:

Cooooool! 😀

Aired Down Advertising says:

This and all of your other videos are extremely helpful and teach a lot to even a beginner like myself! One question I do have is when I changed my background gradient towards the end all of my paintbrush lines (floating dots and polygons) and the glowing circles are all white now. Trying to figure out what step I messed up on.

Maxim Ostromogilsky says:

Awesome tutorial sir! I have never used AI and this was my first project. I was able to follow and come up with a very similar result. I am confident that with the tools I learned here i will be able to create some cool stuff in the future! Thank you

Oleg Odolsky says:


alvi al mafi says:

copied the whole thin and mine still suckzz :v

Indra Hamzah says:

I love your tutorials… really have the patience to actually go thru every single detail…. love you

Known2God says:

Your work in illustrator can only be described as breathtaking. I will come to Germany and teach you how to fish… and you can teach me illustrator lol. God Bless and keep up these awesome tutorials. Regards

Chand Alam says:

I like it.

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