How To Shade Tutorial! – Step By Step ( ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR )

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BHB Saucey says:

Pin this if you love your #NotificationGang

KAndrey Art's says:

Can you make the next one on picsart?

Double TGOD says:

You make it look so easy

Jesus 294 says:

can you make a video of how to make cartoons in Photoshop ??

NinetFour Skate says:

What size of art board do you use with these designs in adobe illustrator?

Legion Shop says:

Music please ?

piccolo sun says:

dam this is still X-files to me. you make it look hella easy . i be getting it as you are talking then they video speeds up and i loose the understanding i was getting. but what you are saying its like a driving a car you just got to do it and adjust as you doing it then later on you will just know how to do it

NufcHally says:

What tablet do you use man?

Collin Creek says:

Heat dropped! That intro HAHA!

Kay Kahuna says:

What tablet and pen do you use

Toni Malley says:

What do you charge for one of these?

Benjo H xLove says:

Next video make adobe draw tutorial

KAndrey Art's says:

Nice video!!
Can you make one more grime art video?

Lol life says:

Make next on sketchbook pro plzzz

Kai Kyle says:

It help me a lot man! I have problems on how will I add some shadows and your tips help me. Thank you so much! God Bless man! Keep droppin some dope works!

Ontu OP Editz says:

really good sir
Can you inbox me

Miguel Arias says:

the fucking master teaching us. THANKS!

xiac says:

Love it when ma boi drop some heat

KN Developers ™ says:

hey bro i cant use pressure brush please help me

Nytellem says:

That beginning was HILARIOUS! Lol Thank you for this video, I struggle on shading, it’s hard to understand because it really makes a difference for your eyes to be tricked to seeing 3D. It’s tough man thanks for the advice.

Muhammad Althaf Rahman says:


Harley Noisy says:

chi you really the goat at the cartoons. I wish you great success

Lawrence Patrick Carpeso says:

Ayyyy First!!

KN Developers ™ says:


Marcus_ RibeiroTM says:

+ tutoriais

xAsu says:

where can i show what i learnt from u?? btw nice job

Copperfild 07 says:

insane like usual

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