How to use the BLEND TOOL – Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

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Nichi Kira says:

love you mate!

Dillon Fernando says:

Omg this is awesome. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

Quincy Jones says:

Does it have to be the font that Ian used or can it be with any font??.

Артур Штучный Десигнер says:


Moe Chow says:

Thanks for sharing!! It’s very helpful! : )

Jason Smith says:


Mansoor Afzal says:

very very nice and helpful tip. Thanks

Aquarellina says:

cute tutorial cute guy 😉

Vivek Kunal says:

Boss! I have a problem 🙁 when i do this the curves are not this smooth they get pixelated on the edges?

Help Guys !

ninacain13 says:

Very cool video! Though I would like to know which controls to use on a pc being that I am a newbie:)!

Anto Capriotti says:

OMG this is mind blowing! thx a lot! greetings from Argentina!

H Saud says:

it doesnt work with me
i did every step correctly but still doesnt show the replace spine option ??

KarenFredericks says:


Zeeshan Syed says:

Thank you for the tutorial. What software are you using to record your screen?

luiswar201 says:

Guys i need help when i do this the curves are not this smooth they get pixelated on the edges and i dont know why . Any solution? thx

Kenneth Poveda Mata says:

Nice quick tutorial, thanks for sharing!!

Guy Cruls says:

simple but impressive intro to blending, so thank you very much! one issue, though: even using an ellipse as a letter O, the blending leaves my Os gaping open! what’s going on?

Alexandre Moresque says:


Paintin' with Niyah says:

Any way to do this on a hp?

Little tutty says:


Glen Rexy says:

I am using Illustrator CC 2017 and while I go to Blend then Replace Spine and replace spine is off?

Phrtz says:

holy shit ian

Brianna S says:

Exactly what I needed, thanks!

shubham patil says:

yoooooooo bady

CreativeMind76 says:

Hi this effect is really cool and I went to try it, but there was some kind of glitch when I increased the steps above 35. It causes the path I’m using to go all wonky and bend out of shape. Could it be that the path I’m using is too small?

jorge davalos says:

how do I split a blend? i made some waves with blend, but i need to split the layer, any one?

Luke Lee says:


Simon Bullows says:

holy shit what a tool, cant wait to try that

Milove Clairin says:

this cool !
But with me it does not work when I select the degrader and the letter, the part “replace the path” is gray … sorry for my french accent 😉

Keith Smith says:

Fucking brilliant!

decentradical says:

Ha! Computers!

Danny Ong says:

wow, amazing… can i using this technique for type font as well?

byaweirdo says:

The best and faster tutorial for blend type.

Steven Casteel says:


Andy Whitman says:

Awesome tutorial with minimal faff chat. subscribed. cheers

J Carson says:

Killer tutorial, short and sweet. Thanks.

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