Illustrator Tutorial – Flat Design Tutorial

Today a tutorial for Adobe Illustrator, one week ago I recreated my workspace in reallife in Adobe Illustrator, using the flat design concept, minimalistic but aesthetic. Well I hope you enjoy this tutorial and learn something.

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Judith Jones says:

Great! I have bookmarked you for future reference.

forkayleigh says:

Good video! I would like to watch how to design a lotus flower!

CinemaStar says:


Marcelo Oliveira says:

do you make logos?

Sabrina Anggraini says:

It helped me a lot. Thank you so much 🙂

Natasha Hsu says:

Hope to see you make more flat Design tutorial(illustrator), it’s really useful !!! ^^

Searching In Progress says:

you sound like Thor

Belaniza Safira says:

This is a great video tutorial!. Please make many more illustrator videos. thanks

forkayleigh says:

A question to the rows on the keyboard. Everything is clear so far, but the problem is, I can´t move a single key! They are not grouped. But they are sticked together in a certain way (due to the transformation effect), so no bottom can be detached. How do you manage that?

redfrederick85 says:


Eliza Paul says:

Good Flat Design Tutorial. I love it! 🙂

heart2draw says:

In the beginning you said you could click cmnd + u or v to make the object appear in the center, without using smart guides? I didn’t quite get that

Hibou Mkh says:

Thank you <3

jose acevedo says:


exusproductions says:

Could you make an Tutorial how to create something like this in Photoshop.

in german: Könntest du bitte so ein Tutorial für Photoshop machen… Ich tue mich echt schwer “Flat” design in Photoshop hinzubekommen.

Ach und übrigens … Echt cooles Video

Austin Miller says:

Yo man this was super sick butttt

the shadows didn’t match up and that doesn’t make for a very groovy piece so you should keep that in mind!

still very nice though thank you for the tips!

KDJ sd says:

Good Work !!

Roberto Braicovick says:

Grazie! Altra bella lezione.

Mai Iam says:

OMG! You talk?! I’m so sick of tuts that just have obnoxious music playing in the background instead of explaining what the heck their doing.

This is great. =)

Ignitus Designs says:

I am having hard time FOLLOWING the steps. like really I have to pause every time. And I was really lost at the clipping mask part and didn’t finish it. There are lots of extra clicks that I even don’t know if it’s part of the steps, and for the layers (clipping mask again) dude you really lost me there, like click ctrl C then ctrl F so and so.. LOL. but thanks, that helped me a little bit.

Gina cheng says:

so great!!!!!!

Princeamrith Raaj says:

Best Ever!!! Awesome work. 🙂 Keep up and Please dont stop.

Angie says:

Thanks a lot!!

Serkan Bayram says:

Türkçe biliyor musun ? bir kaç soru sormak istiyorum İllustrator hakkında cevap verirsen sevinirim

Tiang Muylong says:

it’s great

Mahesh S Nair says:

sir you are really talented, the video is worth a million views n shares.
please make tutorials on how to make flat design minimalistic animations for presentations .thanks a lot.

zahra mslmh says:

Can you tell me what size of new document format did you use?

Frederik Abel Tiklev says:

Hey man the clipping mask didn’t work for me. parts of the pc just disapered. Please help me!

شهد عبدالرحمن says:

what do you do in 11:10 ?

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