ImDontai – Step By Step Tutorial ( ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR )

thank you for watching more heat coming soon i luv you guys!


JoHnNy AnimaTions says:

Can u please put tutorials links down in the description

Dylan Olhausen says:

lovin these videos. Currently a new subscriber and want to know what drawing tablet you use, or the link to it. Appreciate you!

ARA Is The Name says:

I’m a graphic designer student and I’m impressed !! Never have I seen painting in Illustrator !! So far I’ve only painted in photoshop and not in illustrator. You sir deserve a medal !!

Ezra GFX says:

Please make a in depth video on how to draw eyes in adobe illustrator. I have been making cartoons for years but still struggle on making the eyes.

Jabbar Wallace says:

Do you use a screen protector?

ĆwieQ Official says:

real time work?

Doyin farayola says:

Thank you so much for your amazing tutorials!!!


I do cartoons too, and I like your work. You really an inspiration to me bro. Can you do a tutorial on how to shade on adobe draw for android. Or can you do a video on like the basics of a shading an cartoon? Also check my cartoons out too on my Instagram @c.chance16. Keep doing you and keep up the work.

Lisa Irby says:

I love, love, love that you go into the actual steps in each video. Many of these YouTubers are just into speed art and showing off their skills but you actually TEACH. I’ve learned so much from you! I knew practically nothing about using a tablet and drawing with illustrator until your videos. You’ve taught me so much. Thank you!!

Jabbar Wallace says:

You the truth Brodie

Majka Špačková says:

I very like this tutorial, but I have two problems, first is that my lines dont merge together, and than I cant dye my cartoon, second is that my brush doesnt like same, but I Did everything good, and maybe for this I have problem 1. Thank you for answer.

Hamza Alajmi says:

hi bro ,in 6:30 m what is button u click it ??, i tray to follow ur work step by step .once i draw rectangle then isolate selection groub i click delete from the pc but nothing change and still rectangle there.. plz tell me how i isolate rectangle color from the shape ??

John Denos says:

Love the work! Learning a ton from this channel. One question – whenever I do the “isolate selected group” step and then press delete, it only partially fills the linework. Any idea why? Thanks!


what pentab do u use?

Leo R. says:

I want to buy an artwork!!!!! please contact me <3

MrSHOK92 says:

fantastic! we follow u from Italy!

David Mendoza says:

Chiworld do one with xxxtentacion

Jay FK7 says:

Beautiful! I must say!

Azor Siggma says:

The tutorial was smooth af, what digital graphics tablet you use?

Kwannok R says:

Ohhhhh.. I’m very gald to see this video ! Thanks for your best tutorial. 🙂

oki ART says:

wow!! スームーズに描いてるなぁ

Alberto Testarossaa says:

I do not have pressuer ???


Love your work man thanks for the time you take to teach us stuff. I really would like the pen setting you have. How can I get that

Andrew Barnett says:

I may be doing something very simple wrong, but I’ve tried getting the tapered edge like you do with your brush, following what you do to a T, but it still comes out round. Any clue why?

Nevertheless, appreciate the videos, love the art!

Jeremiah says:

Came from his ig story cause idk

Kevo says:

You’re the best, dude!

WKn says:

You Portfólio?

TwoKBeats says:

Nice hat!

DK Output says:

The nigga dontai.

Laurent Bouttemant says:

Comment cracker vip 72

Steven G. Bailiff says:

I do the same thing for the brush but it still doesnt look like that i have a digital tablet for it too

MissRenukaa says:

Whenever I try to shade my brush wont change to the color automatically.. How do I lock a my brush color?

Adebayo Adeyemi Junior says:

I Don’t know if you’d be able to help a brother out…. I’ve been trying to merge and isolate the group but it’s not giving a result to further on… It’s not removing the outer part or the cream coloured box to the basic facial colour. It keeps on deleting together, that is it’s not separating after group isolation.

Pisces Pisces Illustrations says:

@ImDontai fya!

Mahadev Editing Tutorial says:

Mera channel ha subscribe kar lo

Martin 294 says:

Que floww LPM !!!

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