Kanqsquad / Speedart Tutorial ( ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR )

hit my bro up for beats links are right here





Tristan Bernardo says:

What what are your brush settings?

KuttyJoe says:

Very impressive, this one and all the others you’ve posted up. I’ve been doing t-shirt art for a long time but I’ve never done this kind of art. I think I will try to learn it this year with help from your videos. Thank you.

Games James says:

You don’t lie with bringing the heat! How do you remove the skin color from the hairs on his head? I can’t figure that out for the life of me.

zay boogie says:

Funny mike

XxmsbostonxX says:

you know you early when the video says no views

DJ Lovelyyy Lissa says:

can u play my Artist during your next video. all the music is royalty free so u can use as u please with no worries of copyright strikes EVER. https://youtu.be/HaVJ0BZLNyk

Jonas Selim says:

Love it man! I´m using the Ricegum-video as a tutorial every time I make these 😀 But one thing tho: I´m always having a hard time with the highlights… And often the shadows as well… I don´t know if it´s the way I draw them or if the color I use is wrong…Would have been dope if you could cover only shading/highlighting in a video! 😀

momo ibrahim says:

early squad

Todmir Tv says:

Notifications squad

Robin coutinho says:

I am having trouble making those hair

OBEY Matrix says:

People often forget about youtubes Playback speed feature. If you’d like to see what Ya Boy Chiworld doing, drop the speed to 0.25.

Nytellem says:

Man I love beats like this. Never knew what to call it doe. Is it like trap beats with a choir? Lol idk but it’s dope af.


Bro what kind of stylus pen are you using for your drawing art to make it perfect

Abizar Sabuwala says:

which plugin was that for color change ?

OBEY Matrix says:

Also, i struggle using gradients and the live paint bucket tool do have tuts for that?

Dystopian says:

Nigga, te mereces tener un millón de suscriptores!

Jay P says:

OMG Another great art video!!!! 100 All Day!!! Beat is Sick too!!! Keep the heat coming!!! Thanks for being my online mentor Fam!!!!

JD Heard says:

Tooooooo Lit bro

Dragon ball super says:

coloca legenda em português

Guygummy says:

hey chi ive been wondering how you get like a faint grey line before you get the black line?

Veera Vlogs says:

How much do you charge for one ?

Draxboy Games says:

im learning so much from u,you push me to be a better artist i got a touchscreen laptop and pens keep it up

Nice Try M9 says:

So strong

Jobeyon Ligon says:

First can you shout me out and do a cartoon for me plz plz plz plz plz

KuttyJoe says:

Your videos are like a complete vector art tutorial. LOL When I figure it out, I’m gonna pay it forward. It’s the least I can do.

The Black Legend says:

by PC and …. ?

Rtsen MT says:

How do you make the shadows with the mouse?

David Mendoza says:


Robin coutinho says:

Hair tutorial please….

Nytellem says:

I found out how to do fades by using the gradient too and draining a little bit of hair into it before it fades out but what are some ways you do fades for cartoons Chiworld? Or anyone who would like to share their techniques.

Heverson assunçao says:

I’m starting to illustrate now and you’re helping me, then put on that pen to learn how to make beards and somberheads

KN Developers ™ says:

i cant create pressure brush. i have illustrator on my pc. Please help me.

Lil 'Curry 火 says:

I have a problem when im doin the art on adobe illustrator it dont let me draw over the image layer pls help the brush jus has a icon with a red circle

David Mendoza says:

You should do a xxxtentacion one

Diego 0103 says:

you are a magician! but do these drawings make them free or paid?

Sentinel GFX says:

How long did this take you all together?

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