Lace Pattern Tutorial – How to draw a Lace Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

How to draw a wonderful Lace Pattern art in Adobe Illustrator.
In this Tutorial I show you how to draw with brushes by using a Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet. Learn how to draw Calligraphic Elements, how to make a Floral Lace Pattern, work with Brushes and how to draw an Ornate Lace Pattern.
Music by Andre and Kevin Kröker

You save a lot of time with this Dagubi – Lace Pattern Template Set:

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Check out this tutorial and find some helpful stuff:

Final Vector file Includes the Brushes set used in this image:



James Wilkinson says:

One question, at 5:34-35 you use the remove selected anchor points tool, I’m using CS6, do you know where the equivalent tool is in CS6?

nhu y Vo says:

Thanks for your tut. It’s really awesome!!!

Mahadi Hasan says:

I can’t make clipping mask, What is the size of your artboard?

abdaljleel says:

very good

Black Dog Decals says:

I’ve completed the mandala drawing, now I’m trying to expand and merge everything into one vector object. Is there a quick and easy step for this? When I currently expand the mandala, the masking gets messed up and things that were masked before, now show up. Maybe there’s a tutorial for completing the design?
P.S. Great tutorial, I’ve found it very helpful!!

Arbasshah Shah says:

sir good

Алла Супрон says:

thank yo

Awesome User says:

Very helpfull… Greatly thanx

Darius Willi says:

can you give a link for doenload this template?

mdanish56 says:

Wow. Thank you so much. always I am thinking how can I create lace pattern but I couldn’t. and you solve my problem by very easy and smart way. thank you brother. I love you. Very nice Trick. God bless you.

sahan madanayake says:

Wowww this is more worth

lia satria says:

thanks sir……… online teacher for me

Vaishnavi 3D says:

absolutely amazing illustrator tut! Wow!

James Wilkinson says:

Great tute man. Really helpful, thank you.

googIed says:

I have a problem making odd-numbered mandalas. there’s always a gap. Any help?

Diza K says:

wow thanks man! ive been wanting to make it so much

Stay Calm says:

mind blowing, u completed my research

王得鹿 says:


Mehdi Budd says:

awsome dude thx for this tuto hard to do a tuto like that 🙂 gg

Gilbert Lopez says:

Lovely. Thank You.

clorofilazul says:

Terrible music!

justfreddie says:

Well this is so not a tutorial I can follow all this copy and delete change line colours copy groups and adding circles rotating this and that and making things invisible then deleting shapes…………… really? Have to say all that made it all as clear as mud for me, so it looks like I will have to keep on searching for someone to show an easy to follow how to make a mandala pattern in illustrator film this is so not what i am looking for

Laudair Ferreira de Ázara says:

Congratulations on the excellent work.
Could you tell me the name of this song, and where can I download it?

Ngaoh Ngao says:

Where you from broo

Rainy Akash says:

its well done but why did you chose the hard way. with the POLAR GRID tool u could have save the first 6 minute

ml ct says:

Thanks so much…It’s intense and great tutorial…so cool!

Infidel says:


April Li says:

it is really cool, so unbelivable

oOBubbleBeeOo says:

Thank you so much! Very useful! :3

Busytraveler says:

Looked at 5 other tutorials before coming here and this is definitely the best one !

Ra Erickson says:


Louise Carol Lemmon says:


Can says:

how can i save this pattern, as a whole circle for using as a vector circle for other projects?

karthik chandrasekeran says:

Hello sir i want to draw sculpture drawings in illustrator how we can do it? can you please explain?

xFZY EDITS says:

Wow. Nothing else to add. 🙂

Jiali Yang says:

That’s amazing like magic

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