Learn to Draw Anything with Adobe Illustrator CC

This is a recorded version of a seminar about drawing techniques in Adobe Illustrator CC. You can learn a lot of useful methods about the Pen Tool and its alternatives and also about drawing with shapes.

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Some features presented in this seminar might not work in older versions of Illustrator as it was recorded with CC 2017.


erections says:

Why is this the only good Illustrator tutorial. More importantly, why is it the law that every Illustrator tutorial has to be an absolute steaming pile of horse shit where the creator either spends 40 minutes explaining how to use the ellipse tool, or a 2 minute video where the creator goes from the line tool to programming artificial intelligence.

Neville Bruwer says:

Very Cool… One of the best I have seen.

Cauterizer Code says:

Can you provide the links for the files used in the video please?

dEnai sama says:

At 19:42 your mouse pointer changed from pen to normal how?

Tom Baynes says:

Fantastic! Thank you for sharing

Paulo Jose De Assis Bezerra says:

Awesome! Thanks

sammaysamsam says:

Man I learned so much in this video! Of course I’ll have to watch it a few more times to remember everything but this will help me so much! Thank you!

Rafael Jesus says:

great! very helpful, awesome tips!

Diego Bueno says:

Amazing tips! Thank u so much!

dEnai sama says:

19:40 how you made that curve?

Ji Eun Lee says:

best tutorial, thnk you

kasper davies says:

you win the best ai tutorial for beginners, great job!

Sprut Stone says:

it’so clearly and accessibly! thank you!

Death Maze Challenge says:

Amazing! Excellent examples and explanations! One of the best graphics tutorials ever!

Kresen says:

how do you enable the holding the alt key to curve? I tried doing it but its not working for me. My pen tool become a convert anchor point instead.

Sam Todd says:

I don’t think I’ve ever learned as much in the space of 45 minutes – not even at uni.

sheldon pereira says:

Hey Martin lovely tutorial really helpful and well made,
I need some help though I’m working on CS6, just can’t get the alt shortcut to make curves form a line, I can do it selecting an edge point but just can’t do it like you do, using just one point on a line while holding alt. Also Thanks for the awesome tutorial.

Cheong yong cheng says:

i consider myself quite good in illustrator already. but after watching this video, i seen how much more there are to explore in AI. On top of that, you are a really good orator. Good luck!

Sanju vaidyanath says:

mind blown thanks bro for the intro it really took me a mile ahead

Nelson Merryweather says:

Best tutorial ever on youtube!!!

Hario Nofx says:

i need your tutorial trackinhg object

Neil González says:

I accidentally clicked and watched 43 minutes without noticing and feel a little smarter in doing so!

Hario Nofx says:

im for indonesia your tutorial very fast 🙁

Mohammed Hashim says:

Best tutorial ever about how to use Illustrator…….Thanks a lot for sharing this video with us

Eluned Winney says:

I loved this, I learnt so much, thank you xx

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