Negative Space Logo Design Tutorial | Adobe Illustrator

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from the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you to everyone who watched me and supported me, reaching the 1000000 subscribers milestone, is really surreal in this short time.
as a little giveaway, I made this illustrator file, that contains all the vector designs from the previous tutorials, you are free to grab it here:
In today’s tutorial, I will show you a clever way, to make negative space logos, I will walk you through the same process that I took to make two logo designs, that you have probably seen it before, in my dribble portfolio. have a nice watching.

Thank You!!

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Artur JB Costa says:

Great, thumbs up!

Mateorradoren says:

Congratulation and Big Thank You for ai file! <3

Pedro Valério says:


Diversity says:

Can you next time make a logo from zero and not recreating an already made logo please ? 🙂
Good Job as usual 🙂

vladimir zdravco says:

you deserve mohamed , your tuto are the best belive me

malk m says:

congratulations you really deserve it

Night Sky says:

Thanks for the tutorial. Congrats!

KaiDo GAmes says:

Another amazing video !
We would like more neggative space logo tutorials !
-just a suggestion- if you could make next time a video of some famous logos that uses the negative space form in ’em and explain how it was made !
keep up the good work !

Farhan says:


ПьеRO says:

Thank you! You are the inspiration for me to learn design!

H. P says:


Emon Khan says:

Always happy to see your tutorial. And congratulations for 1000000 subscribers.

arifur rahman says:


Enflamed says:

I’ve been here since you had 8k subs! 😀

Shaikh Aaves says:

You are Awesome!!!!!

Kristijan Trajchev says:


Ryan Quintana says:

When you say the video was brought to you by squarespace, what do you mean? Do they pay you or provide website service to you?

Júlio Francisco says:


faizan kamal says:

shark logo please

Def Bond says:

Simple and creative! Thanks brother 🙂

Hoo Haa says:

Thanks for your tutorial really awesome

Ali Al-Zaabi says:

firtst from omn

Sachin Colambage says:


Bhargav Detroja says:

thanks for giving ai file

Hantout says:

you are my favorite adobe illustrator youtuber

Sergiu Ion says:

Congrats man, you are very talented. Let’s make it 500k subscribers next 😀 Keep doing videos because everytime you upload a new video it’s like Xmas all over for me. <3

Dark Pain says:

اند دراج تو ميك ا ستااااا انجلش قول ذا تايم اتعلمت منك كتير ❤❤❤

Bepske Kaatje says:

Congratulations, you 1000% deserve it! Your videos help me, and many others, alot. This one did as well!

sunil aryan says:

Very nice tutorial, great work keep it up..

Kashan Babar says:

Congrats man you got 102K subscribers in a very short period of time.

Elemesca says:

Congrats! You deserve it!! You are one of the greatest teachers in youtube, I’m learning so much from you! Thank you 😀

Khyrul Milon says:

very nice, very nice!

Thibault says:

Hey, GG for the 100k
I really like your tutorials (the artificial voice is however quite hard to understand sometimes, but the background noise softens it, really nice!)
I wanted to ask you if you’ve ever heard of Affinity Designer, and what do you think about it?
As always thank you for teaching us new things! Have a nice continuing!

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