Pen Tool Tutorial | Adobe Illustrator

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Pen Tool Tutorial | Adobe Illustrator:
Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel, many of you asked for a clear pen tool tutorial, so I decided to make a video, where I will teach some methods to better make lines and curves and trace any design you want, using the pen tool.

First, I will start by showing you the basics of using the pen tool such as:
– How to make straight lines
-How to make Bezier curves
-How to make a straight line followed by a curve
-How to make a curve followed by a straight line
– How to make two curves connected by a corner
Second, I will show you how to trace a complex shape using the pen tool, by applying the basics that I showed you to trace a rabbit logo outline.

Finally, I will show you another method To easily make curves using the pen tool and the anchor point tool.

Thank You!!
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Background birds sound:
Dawn Chorus By Sean.Townsend
licensed under CC BY 2.0


Sami gabr says:

Very good

wazir ali says:

than u soo much sir your tutorial so amazing

Hans van Dijk 360rond says:

very usefull and with a nice voice and without annoying (hardrock ) music

MAM PM says:

Thank you
My qestion is
I want a clear roadmap to learn ui design

Gustavo Panozo Antezana says:

Dude you’re amazing! The best tutorials I ever seen!

With Marwen says:

ربي يوفقك خويا الباهي واصل

Rasel Ahamad says:

i had to go due to having some work but now i have watched this is really nice video.
i want to know, how will improve our logo design think..

Ahmad Banyu Rachman says:

How to snap two circles in AI? Or tangential feature? Thanks! I love your videos!

AZRA says:

Thank you for sharing really useful tutorial. could you please share how I can enable rubber band mode in AI CS6

Breakz HD Inbox says:

Like ever, very informative, thank you!

Sabir Ali says:

Thank you Bro Ashraf nice video some basic Technic for Pen tool. Love the way you explain.

Ismaeil MAZZI says:

perfect, you are too much sir, thank you so much

Nekosalad tahan says:

really love your tutorials. thanks as always for sharing

Syeda Sania says:

always the best, you taught me a lot!!

Daniel Drutu says:

Wonderful tutorials !

P.S. I would like to see a tutorial on how to work for the best quality.

Mantas Urbutis says:

another great lesson, thank you!

Khyrul Milon says:

Bro very very nice and helpful for me. Again many thanks.

league of legends - kinko 007 says:

Very good brother
Thank you for the vedio ❤

Kadria Sears says:

love ur tutorials btw easy 2 follow

Mateorradoren says:

Even If I can use Pen Tool I still watched all 🙂 Great video!

Bilal Shah Shah says:

Great work by a great artist …. Totally admire your work …. Achraf i have a question that whenever i create a shape or an object, it doesn’t remains the same on shrinking ….. Like some lines in the shape become so thin and irregular …. Please help me in this issue …. Thanks

Hasan Shad says:

ty sir

flip creativ says:

gr8 as always buddy!

Muhammad Saddad says:

thankyou. ive been waiting for this

Hamza Ouanzigui says:

Courage Khu

Adham Elfikey says:

Thank you so much Mohamed

MD.Ashiqur Rahman says:

Thank you.

Dino Šokčević says:

Great tutorial us usual, thank you so much 🙂

Khush Singh says:

What software do you use for your text to speech?

Tam Gaming says:

Can someone tell me which Text2Speech software this is? I need one for my startup to translate my products in english. Thanks in advance for any comments that help.

Michael Mendoza says:

Needed this lesson. Thank you

عبدالرحمن متاش says:

very helpful Tutorial
Thank you Mohamed Achraf

ShadowBastard says:

Can you do a negative space design logo video tutorial?

Usman Ghani says:

Sir please tell on which website can I do logo design work???

Mrinal Manna says:

can you make videos on Photoshop cc

Gordon Warlow says:

Great tutorial! The synthetic voice is not offputting and the bonus birds chirping in the background adds an extra touch of realism. Cheers.


the most useful tips about pen tool i was trying to figure out… very helpful . thank you sooo much ,… really appreciate your effort..

Abdur Rohman says:

Love the way you teaching us. Thanks for your effort and Love for you!

Madu Okafor says:

You teach with so much clarity and information. You’re the best tutor so far. I love that you pay attention to details on all design tutorial you post.

Kadria Sears says:

can u suggest free vector sites pls

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