Step By Step How To Cartoon Yourself !- Full Video Tutorial ( ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR )

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vaibhav hedaoo says:

great work love your art !!!

Relyks Publishing Co says:

Can’t enable the “pressure” setting on my brush… it’s not even highlighted only options are “fixed” and “random”.. how sway how.? Can ANYONE please help.?

Mark Kenneth Suenan says:

What tablet can you recommend for a beginner?

Maneatingmonkey says:

The first time he asked if I knew what he was saying I did not know what he was saying. But after the 103rd time, I knew what he was saying.

Qejee says:

I can draw the outline and stuff. I just have trouble choosing a color that matches or comes very close to the skin color. Also lights and shadows aren’t easy at all for me either! Any tips?

jdubb200 says:

Love your videos and art but If you don’t hit save every once in awhile. lol

iiMusa says:


smyt Bush says:

I am one of your most admirers. Can you draw a carton for me please

Turab Malik says:

i m new to this channel , i currently use mouse , found 3 videos regarding that in which u used Line , Pentagon and Circle for drawing , which one do u suggest from these three brushes ?

julio serrano says:

dope my man keep them masterpieces coming !

sam knight says:

Which is better, Wacom Bamboo or Wacom Intuos?

Mrs. jung says:

Thanks for your drawing!!!!!!

KN Developers ™ says:


Stick3mz says:

this bihh to dam dark for me to see what you’re doing

Anod26 says:

Yo man, i have a question.I use wacom intuos pen small tablet.I try to create that kind of line what u do,but with my wacom its very difficult.I use pen pressure settings in Ai.I think my cheapest wacom can’t suitable to do that kind of lines,what U draw..Its true?I see your line starting with very thin,in the middle of your line is very thick,and the end of the line is also thin,and the whole line is look like so even in the same time.I cant reach this rates what i see in your lines..Its depend on the tablet?
My lines:

Kidynamic Productions says:

Sup can I have your email? Need a artwork would like how much you charge, this is my email

Audon Johnson says:

I just found this video and had no idea it just uploaded

Jacob Konradsen says:

Why does my Adobe Illustrator look different?

MazzGamingINC says:

Double click the area and it will isolate that area good video btw dope art and i learned alot from u bro

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