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Hey guys! In this tutorial I will show you how to create two different striped 3D shapes within Adobe Illustrator. The methods used in this video can be applied to a variety of different shapes, and the directions of the lines can also be experimented with. There are truly endless results you can achieve with these processes, so I look forward to seeing what you guys can do with this knowledge! One of the shapes we will make is a sphere/globe, and the other is a ring/doughnut shape. These shapes are easy to create in a 2D sense, but creating a 3D version of that within Illustrator isn’t so straight forward, so in this tutorial I walk you through the necessary steps to achieve a 3D look. I really hope this tutorial comes of some use to you guys, whether it be the tutorial itself, or even just some shortcuts/tips used within the process which you didn’t already know. As always, let me know what you think of the tutorial, let me know if you have any tutorial ideas you want me to make, and if you use this tutorial and post something on social media, feel free to tag me, I always love seeing what you guys create after watching one of my tutorials!

Take it easy everyone!

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Gerard Klaucke says:

Nice work and great video! Thanks for posting!

Stas Ustinov says:

thanks, man!

Gavrila says:

Hey stephen i have a problem in interlaced tutorial. Can u check my comment in there??? Thanks..

David R. Purnell says:

THANK YOU! This tutorial is very well done . . . and very impressive!

sukaka says:

wOw! really nice and cool! love it.

عبدالله القحطاني says:

Click “Ctrl+Y” to see the invisible paths.

Andres Ortiz says:

Amazing, Thanks for this video!

Cyler Resendez says:


Teegan says:

Love it! I left a like! :heart:

th studio says:

Thanks for the tutorial. Pressing Ctrl+Y (View > Preview) is an easier way to see the hidden paths 😀

Armand Bakx says:

Thanks for the heads-up, Ste. Great vid! Gonna fiddle around with this.

Carlos Daniel Ruiz Cuenca says:

Congrats on your graduation!

Ahmed ElDesoky says:

Nice to see back my friend
Keep it up. I have a question for you. Would you recommend buying the Ipad pro or wacom tablets if i wanted to take a step forward in my design level up? You could take a look on my Insta @aeldesokym

Hosppsi says:

Man , why u didn’t wrote any thing like Bradybury ! not ||||||||
But ur proooooo btw <3

Acis - Graphic Designs says:

Ugh that intro is satisfying

Mads Lien says:

When selecting all the “invisible” paths at about 6:00, wouldn’t selecting one, then Select – Same – Fill Color reduce the time of that process heavily? Haven’t tried but should work

Pedro Rubini says:

Very nice, thank you!!

Андрей Медведев says:

Спасибо большое! Ste Brudbury Design лучший!

D24 says:

nice Technic for 3d . thanks 4 this tutorial

Iroh Design says:

Very cool!

WhimZpix says:

Nice lesson. I always appreciate the narrative along with the visuals. There was some background noise and zero would always be my choice on that as ADD kicks in and distracts. Thanks again for the fun and useful tutorial! Cheers, Constance in Prescott, AZ, USA.

Legato says:

how are drop down menus transparent?

Klajdi Qehaja says:

dope intro!!

MrTurtL says:

You can just press control/command + Y, if you want to see the “invisible paths “.
That toggles the outline view and shows every path on the document.

Dylan Weightman says:

This is a really cool effect, and great tutorial. Very excited to try this, thanks for making the tut. You have some of the most straight forward and easy to follow tuts on YouTube from what I’ve seen (I’m subbed to ~50 Ai/Ps tut channels), and the effects you teach are always modern and have a great aesthetic. Don’t change

Made by Mighty says:

Dope! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

Rei Mici says:

Did you use a tablet to do the intro typography?

JessonDesign says:

I love your videos, thank you for making them. You’re such an inspiration

Pixel & Bracket says:

nice man, never thought about wrapping symbols around 3D objects like this!

Pontus Blom says:

Nice. Great videos as always!

Eyad Essam says:


Jams Wils says:

Tell Liam I’ve still got the rock as my background thxz

Rejoice Celadiña says:

Thanks for the tutorial! Really loved it 🙂 Btw did you add something to your mouse cursor because the movement is different from a normal cursor? Thank you!

Samantha milton says:

Thanks for this!

Khush Sohal says:

Cool video but we don’t need music playing while your speaking

Orbit says:

Beautiful, totally gonna play with this until this week ends!.

Ahmed Adel Khater says:

I love this one! Thanks for sharing!

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