Top 5 Hidden Features of Adobe Illustrator (Illustrator Tutorial) – Sean Frangella

In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, learn the top hidden features of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. This includes illustration tips on using Transform tools, polygon shape options, align to artboard and selection tools, pasting in front and back, and the corner radius tool options. Learn about new features and top tips for working in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015, and Creative Cloud 2015 features.

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Notívago says:

Dude this is basic Illustrator. ‘-‘

baia lomsa says:

Thanks ^^ Great!

corybaphomet says:


Pedro Gonzalez says:

by no means any hidden features here, just regular workflows. How I hate liars in the titles … grrrrr

One Minute Illustrator Tutorials says:

Basic tips, but definitely useful. Thanks for sharing!

Enrique Hinojosa says:

do you know if you can do the corner radius for only one single corner?

Chu lai says:

it’s a useful tips 😀 Well, I want to ask you in the tip 5, when you double click on the corner, then appear a box but when i use Ai cs5, there isn’t 🙁 how can I have that box

Zain Arshad says:

these options are basic these are not hidden features and you take 11:45 minutes in these 5 little basic options… you are not a true guider you just making money from you tube but i m not gonna subscribe you…. 1st impression is last ..

Ramjune signs says:

Thank you for I did learn a couple of things.

Gurpreet Singh says:


Andres Rivera says:

You still need to slow down.

Ramacrshna Yesss says:

Even in the “Rounded Rectangle Tool” of CS6 also (where you cannot find the last feature of CC), we can use UpDown Arrow keys to increase or decrease the “Roundedness”of the Rectangle!

Егор Яловецкий says:


Eric Cable says:

WTF is command?

being sarcastic. I know what it is, but it would be nice if this guy told the keys used on a real computer.

Eric Wagliardo says:

Thank you!!!

Visionauts 89 says:

Good things to know! Thanks

Maartje Kusters says:

I had to find this out myself, why doesn’t a GRAPHIC school teach these features… I knew most of then already though but this still is really helpful!!

NativeFX says:

I just thought of an amazing tutorial that I would love to see you do! Do you think you could re-create the Atomic breath effect on Godzilla 2014? Here is the video from the film

Quanny Nguyen says:

Nice! Thank you for the tips! Illustrator is so fun.

djlive408 says:

Good Stuff!

Muhammad Faisal Shah says:

Really useful small tips, i had benefited, cheers!

Phat says:

Where’s the hidden features? It’s all well known features to anyone who work in illustrator more than a couple of weeks.

Incorrect Password says:

Well done.

Jen Lester says:

I don’t think these are hidden features.

ZombieCeli says:

People complaining about those features not hidden enough – I recently started working with illustrator and those tipps were mindblowing for me! 😀 thanks 🙂

Aquarellina says:

this is gold

CDL College, LLC says:

Cool. Additional Star Tool feature: hold down the CMD key while dragging your star and your inner radius will remain the same. Have fun!

Jeremy JMIAH Williamson says:

Does Illustrator SLOW DOWN when you have HUGE files with TEXT?? I have a 4gb VRAM graphics card, the GPU is turned on… zooming and all is fine, but when I work on text… it’s freakin SLOW!!

Rakesh Oo says:

why you, talk too much, i just forget everything.

Yuki Yamamoto says:

I learned all these, along with shortcut keys during my first class in graphic design… I don’t see it as hidden anymore since I knew all these from yhe first day I use ai

Andres Rivera says:

You need to slow down a bit.

mcbaltz says:


S.K. Thakur says:

true tutor

Marc Quaedvlieg says:

Thank you for sharing those great tips!

Ζακλίν Αλεξανιάν says:

Everybody just stop. Well done to you that you knew the tips that this guy gave. I didn’t know them all, so this WAS INDEED helpful! Because YOU knew something doesn’t mean that EVERYBODY will know that, even if it is easy.

David Robillard says:

Awesome tutorial Sean thank you!

Michael Rene says:

Cmd D and rotate is awesome!

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