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انس لي picsart says:

22:29 What fuck

Real World Graphics Tutorials says:

Good job, really awesome

RotiArt Amai says:

dudeeeeee this helps ALOT! *SUBSRIBE*

Liam Williams says:

Great tutorial, really helpful. Cheers

Hannah Mae Haze says:

Such an amazing turotial!

Hilary Mmadu says:

I did not even finish the video and I know it is the bomb. Gooooood Video man

Tamar T says:

subscribed straight off of that intro lmao

Antonia Yata says:

My drawing just disappears under the square of colour when I click merge! Then there is only an ‘isolate button’ not ‘isolate group’. Keep watching and cant see where i went wrong 🙁

Adam Yeboah says:

you’re so talented, i love it!

ByBoss says:

Que tableta utilizas?

Saludos de argentina bro

Looona B-sides says:

you def look high af i am loving it~

Mazer Cabalfin says:

Thanks for all the tips! Now all I need is a pen and tablet and apply all the lesson you said! It’s my first time trying digital art so wish me luck.

Brownsview365 says:

Yo Im sub. I am a big fan of creativity. First video I’ve watched I’m about to binge real quick

Chai says:

Super Dope! Keep it up, Bruh!

Kant Sleep says:

When I merge, some of my line work disappears? Do you know why this is?

ByBoss says:


PostyHighDemand says:

When I make a new brush it doesn’t let me choose “pressure”. Let’s me choose fixed or random only. Someone help.

ByBoss says:


Romero Johnson says:

For some reason the part where you send the color box to the back and merge it all together then select an isolated group doesn’t work for me

Maggie Deuitch says:

This was amazing! Easy to follow and super helpful. Thank you!

ZunigaFeid says:

on 13:53 I created another layer in between and when I tried to do the shadows it wasn’t working, I saw the line I was trying to do as shadow but as soon as I stop pressing the pen it doesn’t show up like if it got stuck in between layers . how do I do it the right way?

omar zahra says:

Daaaaaaamn this’s lit

Enzait says:

Damn you’re insane!

Alkis K says:


Logic Ways says:

Nothing to say just WOW! I have a question? What is your paintbrush tool options settings? for fidelity? Thanks in advance!

Jimmy Medina says:

Yo can i use the same method if I use the pen tool..

Abisai A. Alvarado says:

Yooo so the first part where you made the new brush, I did what you said but when I started using the brush it wouldn’t look like yours. Specifically the edges weren’t sharp they were round, and the brush barely got bigger/smaller with pressure. I have a new wacom tablet so I know its not the tablet. How do you get the end points to be as sharp as yours?

Pop Covers e Sósias Agência says:

Do you know why my Color Picker shows the rainbow pics on the right colums, and the left big square show the variations (just the opposiote of your in 14:11)? I prefere yours! help me

Najay THECHOSEN1 says:

I wish it was more of ‘us” doing tutorials like this… dope

Lauren Reynard says:

can then calligraphic pressure brush be used with an ipad pro + apple pencil + astropad?

Дмитрий Игоревич says:

nice result! But use hotkeys, they are eazy

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